OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Two Worlds

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Here is my outfit from today. I received the Two Worlds Tee a couple weeks ago and it has just been sitting in my closet. I finally wore it today while out getting my hair and nails done. One thing about the Two Worlds Tee is that it is very low cut. I am wearing a tank underneath, but I actually used doubled sided tape to keep the v-neck from exposing my tank. Looking back at the catalog with this tee in it, the model isn't wearing anything underneath. I tried that but it was way too low cut and revealing. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tiny Two Worlds Tee  |  Style# 18577841  |  Orange  |  XS (P)  |  $39.95 |  BUY HERE  |  REVIEW HERE
Guinevere Outdoor Cafe Cardigan  |  Style# 013289  |  Neutral Motif  |  XS  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE  |  REVIEW HERE
Pilcro Straight Slim Jean  |  Style# 18332767  |  Kitten  |  25  |  $49.95  |  Sold out online
Lucky Penny Wishbone Wedges  |  Style# 940155  |  Rust  |  7  |  $79.95  |  BUY HERE
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Fabulous Friday Fits | Wall Street

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Happy Friday! Anthro just announced free shipping for purchases of $150 or more through December 23rd, 2010! Yaahh! You must have an Anthro card and have it linked to your account.

If you don't have an Anthro card, GET ONE! It's free and takes a couple seconds to sign up. You can do in-store returns and price adjustments without a receipt, you get birthday discounts and first looks at new items!

To sign up for an Anthro card, CLICK HERE.

To link your Anthro card to you Anthropolgie online account that you either already have or created above, CLICK HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Moulinette Soeurs Wall Street Skirt  |  Style# 19285766  |  Green Motif  |  $88  |  BUY HERE
Moth Switching Sides Sweater  |  Style #19249184  |  Purple  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Hue Opaque Tights  |  Style# 18707299  |  Black  |  $12.50  |  BUY HERE
Miss Albright Prized Peep-Toes  |  Style #18317719  |  $168  |  BUY HERE
Just Because Earrings  |  Style# 19502491  |  Purple  |  $32  |  BUY HERE
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Anthropologie November 2010 Catalog Link!

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I just figured out the Anthropologie November catalog link! This is such a great catalog! My wishlist just grew big time. Anyone seeing any items they want?

Anywho, the link is HERE. If you want to look at past catalogs back to 2004, CLICK HERE.

Hope everyone has a great night! :)
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Anthro on Glee: The Rocky Horror Picture Glee Show

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As seen on Emma Pillsbury tonight on Glee!

Tracy Reese Peppered and Stripe Skirt  |  Style# 19131606  |  Grey Motif  |  $128  |  BUY HERE  |  REVIEW HERE

Tabitha Pick A Bunch Cardi  |  Style# 18866491  |  Multi  |  $128  |  BUY HERE  |  REVIEW HERE
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OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Clusters of Light

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Here is my outfit from today. My Mom and I ran some errands and went to the local pumpkin patch. I got the coolest looking white pumpkins! My Mom also got some light pink/peach ones. Really different from the ordinary orange. If everything goes well this week (already this week, my dog was rushed to the vet and I'm fighting a cold) I'm planning on going to Anthro on Thursday. I already have some requests from last week and I have those written down and will review the items for those who asked if they have them in stock. Let me know if you need anything reviewed, if you want extra photos taken or outfits ideas. Once I get home from my Mom's house this week, I will also be doing How To: Wear Belts with Cardigans for Sue. Also, I was invited to a special Anthro Holiday party at my local Anthro HERE. My Mom and I are going, but was told I can bring 1-2 more people. If you live in my area, I would love to put you on my guest list! Let me know! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Tabitha Clusters of Light Tank  |  Style#18887349  |  Coral  |  2  |  $29.95  |  Sold out online  |  REVIEW HERE
Guinevere Outdoor Cafe Cardigan  |  Style#013289  |  Neutral Motif  |  XS  |  BUY HERE  |  REVIEW HERE
Pilcro Straight Slim Jean  |  Style#18332767  |  Kitten  |  25  |  $49.95  |  Sold out online
Seychelles Bette Flat/Wedding March Skimmers  |  Vacchetta  |  7  |  $79.95-$80  |  BUY/REVIEW HERE
Mountain Fog Earrings  |  Style#18726141  |  Gold  |  $32  |  Sold out online
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Anthro Holiday Sneak Peek: Invitation Only Event

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I just received this yesterday and have already RSVPed! I'm really excited to see the Holiday goodies! I will take photos to share with everyone! Has anyone else received this invitation?

EDIT: I just called Anthro to ask about the details about the event. I heard it's a very selective event (invitation only) and only certain people were invited. I RSVPed my Mother and I, but she said I can bring a couple more guests (I'm guessing she meant 1-2 people). If any of you are in my area (Sacramento) and would like me to put you as one of my guests, let me know.
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Fabulous Friday Fits | Autumn Colors

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Edme & Esyllte Easy-As-Pie Dress  |  Style# 19396746  |  Red  |  $138  |  BUY HERE
Charlie & Robin Alice in Sweatercoat  |  Style# 18903526  |  Gold  |  $168  |  BUY HERE
Hue Opaque Tights  |  Style# 18707299  |  Brown  |  $12.50  |  BUY HERE
Seychelles Password Pump  |  Mustard  |  $89.95-$90.95  |  BUY HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE
Seraphim Necklace  |  $29.95  |  No longer available online, call 800-309-2500
Suspended Belief Earrings  |  Style# 18726075 |  Yellow  |  $19.95  |  BUY HERE
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OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Around Town

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So much for going to Anthro today to do reviews! A man went into the Roseville Galleria right across from Anthro and set a fire in the mall and now they have all the streets locked down and have evacuated everyone. I hope everything is back to normal tomorrow morning so I can get some reviews up for everyone!

Here is my outfit from yesterday just running some errands. I was so upset when I got home and I noticed an ink stain on the top of my shoulder. I have no idea how it got there! I got most of it out using the craziest products you could think of. You can still see it, but not as bad as it was. Grrrrr...oh well. I'm still going to wear it!
Sparrow Whirl & Wind Cardigan  |  Style #010070  |  XS  |  Gold  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE  |  REVIEW HERE
Odille Forgotten Pond Tank  |  Style #18878066  |  2  |  Green Motif  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE
Pilcro Straight Slim Jean  |  25  |  Kitten  |  $49.95  |  No longer available online
Seychelles Bette Flat/Wedding March Skimmers |  7  |  Vacchetta  |  $79.95-$80  |  REVIEW/BUY HERE
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Anthropologie Sale & Anthro Giftcard Giveaway!

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It's that time! Markdown Tuesdays! Happy hunting and remember, if you want something that is sold out online, call Anthro at 800-309-2500 to find your size at any US Anthro store and have it shipped to you.

Also, BIG NEWS over at Anjali's blog, goldenmeans. She has been blogging for almost 2 years and is celebrating by giving away a $200 Anthro giftcard for first prize and two runners up receive a $100 Anthro giftcard. Full content rules can be found HERE. Contest ends Monday, October 25th, 2010 at 11:59PM (PST). Congrats Anjali! :)

Boughton Dress, now $59.95, Style #19079532

June, July, August Dress, now $69.95, Style #18446567

Learning Curve Dress, now $119.95, Style #19029404
Roaring Olive Dress, now $149.95, Style #18767020

Sugar Coated Shirtdress, now $59.95, Style #18823385, REVIEW HERE

Traced Twirls Dress, now $79.95, Style #033018

Waffle Weave Dress, now $59.95, Style #18406389

Walkway Dress, now $79.95, Style #18888610

Vestiges Dress, now $79.95, Style #18548792, REVIEW HERE

Breezy Ride/Polkas Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #013201

Curry Comb Cardigan, now $129.95, Style #18913533

Curlytop Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #010068, REVIEW HERE

Dog Trot Cardigan, now $69.95, Style #18752360

Encased-In-Vines Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #18721506

Firehouse Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #18616672

Graphite Pop Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #18495127

Ha'penny Cardigan, now $69.95, Style #18902676

Irina Cardigan, now $99.95), Style #18913939

Konnichiwa Sweater, now $69.95, Style #18618090

Love Letter Sweater, now $89.95, Style #18912261

Masked Stripes Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #18495291

Oleander Cardigan, now $49.95, Style #18523993, REVIEW HERE

Rainbow Trellis Cardigan, now $69.96, Style #19185149

Rutledge Sweatercoat, now $89.95, Style #18914572

Stardust Cardigan, now $59.95, Style #19046887

Stretching Sprigs Cardigan, now $59.95, Style #18497677

Summer's Remainder Cardigan, now $69.96, Style #19170315

Tea House Cardi, now $69.95, Style #18496935

Whirlpetal Cardigan, now $59.95, Style #18855700

Barometer Top, now $39.95, Style #18750364

Culmination Blouse, now $49.95, Style #18521484

Fountain Overflowing Tee, now $39.95, Style #18875732

Gathered Feathers Tee, now $39.95, Style #19041953

It's A Cinch Top, now $29.95, Style #19050848

Marching Annuals Blouse, now $49.95, Style #18871061

Mum Season Blouse, now $49.95, Style #18521138, REVIEW HERE

Palacio Blouse, now $49.95), Style #18793133

Past & Present Tank, now $39.95, Style #18987156

Perennial Plot Shirt, now $29.95, Style #18550699

Raining, Pouring Blouse, now $49.95, Style #18866582

Scalloped Stripes Blouse, now $49.95, Style #18878728

Surprise Soiree Top, now $49.95, Style #19069533

Swing Low Tee, now $39.95, Style #18873513

Tatting Tank, now $29.95, Style #18792952

To A Point Top, now $39.95, Style #18533794

Whitecaps Blouse, now $39.95, Style #18319350, REVIEW HERE

With A Twist Henley, now $29.95, Style #18550871, REVIEW HERE

Bellerby Skirt, now $49.95, Style #18930743

Coats and Jackets
Blurred Fresco Coat, now $99.95, Style #18996934, REVIEW HERE

Bromsgrove Blazer, now $49.95, Style #18895359

Convoy Coat, now $99.95, Style #18577767

Covent Garden Jacket, now $79.95, Style #18913103

Dollhouse Jacket, now $59.95, Style #19088475

Icing Age Jacket, now $79.95, Style #18903286

Intelligencer Coat, now $89.95, Style #18903096

Mavis Jacket, now $49.95, Style #19148550

Pointiller Puffer, now $69.95, Style #18982785

Venetian Boulevard Coat, now $199.95, Style #18689760

To view the full listing, including Denim, Pants and 2nd/3rd Cuts, visit EFFORTLESS ANTHROPOLOGIE.
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin