Seychelles Bette Flat/Wedding March Skimmers

1:50 PM

Yes!!! They are finally here. I have been waiting and waiting for Seychelles' Bette Flat in Vacchetta to come back online in my size (size 7) and when they did, I ordered them immediately. I ended up buying them from since and Seychelles was sold out and Anthropologie doesn't offer the color I wanted. They are such a great nude flat to have and can be worn with anything! I was torn between the Neutral (Off White) color or the Vacchetta, but Vacchetta better matches my skintone. I think that the Off White would have been too light (see photo on Anthropologie website model and Seychelles website model). They fit TTS, a half size up might slip on my heel. They do feel a little tight in the toe area but I think the leather will stretch out once I wear them a couple of times. I love the vintage detailing of the flower on the toe and the confetti-perforated leather.  I love everything about this flat and can't wait to wear them. These will definitely be one of my go to flats!

Anthropologie  |  Wedding March Skimmers  |  Neutral & Black  |  $88  |  BUY HERE  |  Bette Flat  |  Off White (Neutral), Aqua & Vacchetta  |  $69.48-$80  |  BUY HERE  |  Bette Flat  |  Off White (Neutral), Aqua & Vacchetta  |  $77.95-$79.95  |  BUY HERE
Seychelles  |  Bette Flat  |  Off White (Neutral), Aqua, Black & Vacchetta  |  $80  |  BUY HERE

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