Reader Request | Top 6 Necklaces OTM

6:01 PM

One of my Facebook followers, Sue, wanted some suggestions on some new necklaces to add to her Anthro collection. I have pulled out my Top 6 Necklaces OTM (of the moment).

Here is the Artist Palette Necklace. The one thing I love about this necklace, in both colors, is it really covers your bases on whatever you are wearing. The peach color (pictured left) can be worn with bronze, brown, beige, ivory and white undertones and the the blue color (pictured right) can be worn with a black, grey, ivory, and white undertones. The necklace is a bit on the big side which makes it a statement piece for your outfit. It has a 22 inch length so it will hit right above your chest (centered). The beads are made of a plastic material which I had no idea they were just looking at it. This necklace will for sure be statement piece in your closet.

Artist Palette Necklace  |  Peach, Blue  |  $29.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #18743526  
Pros: Very versatile, good length, dresses up any outfit, adds a splash of color
Cons: Some might not like the plastic feeling beads
Verdict: A-

Here is the Following Blush Necklace. I love this necklace since it's different and can be worn with anything! It's not as bulky as the necklace above and the length is a bit shorter at 18.25 inches. The beads are made of acrylic and there is a red string that adds a bit of pizazz. The beads are about 1 inch across each in the front but get smaller towards the neckline.

Following Blush Necklace  |  Clear  |  $19.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #043526
Pros: Very versatile, can be worn with any color
Cons: Might be too plain for some
Verdict: A

Here is the Bellini Necklace. I really love the soft blue/grey/purple hues that this necklace has. I also like it because it's asymmetrical and has a focal point where as most necklaces are very symmetric. The length is at 19.5 inches, which is a little longer then the Following Blush Necklace above. This can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or a night out on the town. This necklace is a statement piece since it's on the bulkier side.

Bellini Necklace  |  Slate  |  $42  |  BUY HERE
Style #18761692
Pros: Color, length, versatile, dress up or down
Cons: Some could find this necklace to be too big
Verdict: B+

Here is the Fruit Cooler Necklace. I know, these seem bright for Fall, but according to the reviews, the colors are not as bright as pictured online. I love how the orange color (pictured left) is such a show stopping color. Since the orange doesn't seem too bright, this could be taken into the Fall months. The blue color (pictured right) seems more muted so I would get this color if you don't want to have such a statement color. The length is 22.5 inches and should hit just above or just at your chest. The necklace is on the bulkier side then most of the necklaces above. It looks and feels more expensive then it is and can make any outfit exciting!

Fruit Cooler Necklace  |  Orange, Blue  |  $38  |  BUY HERE
Style #18321257
Pros: Color, length, looks expensive
Cons: None
Verdict: A

Here is the Peach Drops Necklace. It has a very soft, feminine and delicate look and feel. This is the longest of the necklaces and should hit just at or below your bust. The colors are very muted but very beautiful and aren't overwhelming. This would go great with the Speckled Egg Cardigan (REVIEW HERE) or any outfit with pink, ivory, gold, beige or brown undertones.

Peach Drops Necklace  |  Peach  |  $19.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #18548362
Pros: Soft, feminine, color, length, quality
Cons: None
Verdict: A

Here is the Shimmer Obsucra Necklace. I love the jersey material mixed with the acrylic and metal. It can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans to give it a more dressy look or dressed up for a night out. Wear this necklace with brown, beige, black, ivory, white, and pink undertones. This necklace says it has a 39 inch length so it should hit just at your bust. A great addition to any fall jewelry collection!

Shimmer Obsucra Necklace  |  Brown Motif  |  $48  |  BUY HERE
Style #19358001
Pros: Color, length, material, versatile
Cons: None
Verdict: A-

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