Anthropologie Product Reviews | Round 1

1:10 PM

Like I said yesterday, my wishlist grew, BIG TIME! I tried on about 40 items and am in the process of reviewing them. Here is the first round of reviews!

Here is Girls from Savoy's Mum Season Blouse. Ever since I saw it online, I really wanted to try it on. This blouse fits TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. I love the soft and delicate look and feel. The downside is that the blouse is very short. I could see myself tugging at it. I will definitely buy this once it goes on sale.


Girls from Savoy Mum Season Blouse  |  Cream  |  $98  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18521138
Pros: Soft, delicate, color
Cons: Very short (hits at torso)
Verdict: B+
Will I get it?: When it goes on sale

I wasn't going to try this blouse on, but am so glad I did. I love the pieces that are very simple and can go with a lot of items. Odille's Whitecaps Blouse does just that. It is TTS and I'm wearing a size 2. What's great about this blouse is that it isn't short. It can easily be tucked into pants or a skirt.

Wishlisted, but might have to pay full price.

Odille Whitecaps Blouse  |  Oxford  |  $68  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18319350
Pros: Simple, versatile
Cons: None
Verdict: A+
Will I get it?: Yes

I would never have tried this on, but I saw it on Cat and had to give it a try. It's completely different then anything I have in my closet now or have ever bought, but I really don't know how much I would wear it. My local Anthro didn't have an XS so I tried on the S. It does fit TTS. The arms holes are so big and the jacket is heavy. If this piece is for you, I would say, go for it! It's definitely a one-of-a-kind piece! If you're not sure, wait until it goes on sale.

Back to the rack.

Cartonniers Craftsmanship Capelet  |  Yellow  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19100023
Pros: Warm, colors, pattern
Cons: A little heavy, huge arms holes
Verdict: C
Will I get it?: Maybe on a 2nd round sale. I'm not in love with it.

One of my most favorite items I tried on was the Tracy Reese Easy Keeper Skirt. This skirt is perfect in every way! It isn't too heavy and is great for Fall. It hits just below the knee and is TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. This was so hard to not buy at full price! I really have nothing bad to say about this piece! It's beautiful!

I have paired it with Odille's Whitecaps Blouse, reviewed above.

Wishlisted, but might buy at full price.

Tracy Reese Easy Keeper Skirt  |  Orange  |  $138  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19131820
Pros: Color, pattern, length...everything!
Cons: Nothing
Verdict: A+
Will I get it?: At some point, yes.

Another item I fell in love with yesterday is Knitted and Knotted Violet Vibrations Skirt. I hits just above the knee and fits TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. I love the different colors that really give it movement. One bad thing is that it might snag easily. Other then that, it's a great piece for fall. You can wear this with some tights and boots or booties, OUTFIT HERE. I have paired it with Deletta's Craft & Creation Top, REVIEW HERE and HERE.

Wishlisted, but might get at full price.

Knitted & Knotted Violet Vibrations Skirt  |  Black Motif  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19127869
Pros: Color, comfortable, length, interesting design
Cons: May snag easily, hand wash only
Verdict: A-
Will I get it? Yes.

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