Anthropologie Product Reviews | Round 2

3:30 PM

I know I have already reviewed Deletta's Craft & Creation Top HERE, but I never got to try on the purple version and am so glad I did. I didn't buy the grey version a month back when I reviewed it since I wasn't 100% on it. Now trying on the purple, I was sold. This  top is TTS. I'm wearing an XS. The top comes in a light green, grey, purple and ivory. Purple sold out online quickly and I was bummed a couple weeks back. To my surprise, they had 1 left in my size at my local Anthro. I love the color of this top; it will go with a lot in my closet now and is a great color for Fall.

Deletta Craft & Creation Top  |  Purple  |  $29.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18255307
Pros: Fit, length, color, detail
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: Since it was 50% off, why not?

Here is Knitted & Knotted's Cotton Candy Clouds Cardigan. The cardigan is TTS. I'm wearing a S. They didn't have XS. I do like sizing up in cardigans so I know for sure that it won't gap. It hits just at the torso, so for some it might hit too short. I really like the detailing design. It is very comfortable and stretchy. The sleeves are 3/4 length. It's a great piece for Fall that can be worn with jeans, skirts or pants. I don't have anything to say that's bad about this piece.

Definitely wishlisted.

Knitted & Knotted Cotton Candy Clouds Cardigan  |  Grey  |  $98  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18912725
Pros: Soft, comfortable, detail, color
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: Once it goes on sale

Guinevere's Oleander Cardigan is another great piece. It is TTS. I am wearing a S. I love the red fabric contrasted with black. It has a very delicate look and feel. On the top of the cardigan are some very pretty flower details in ivory. This part of the cardigan is sheer and you can see through it. I am wearing a nude shelf tank underneath. This cardigan isn't as short as other I've tried on.

Another item wishlisted.

Guinevere Oleander Cardigan  |  Black  |  $98  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18523993
Pros: Contrasting colors, fit, length, delicate features
Cons: None
Will I get it?: When it goes on sale.

I've seen Bordeaux's Dreaming Day Cowlneck online for awhile and finally got to try it on. After putting it on, I had to mess with it for a good couple minutes to make to look correct. I didn't like the way it fit me or hung on my body. I would be cute with a belt and another cute top underneath. I don't know if you can really wear this top with nothing else underneath since the way the bottom is cut. It also wrinkles easily. 

Back to the rack.

Bordeaux Dreaming Day Cowlneck  |  Moss  |  $58  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19193226
Pros: Color, soft
Cons: Have to wear over another top, cut, wrinkles easily
Will I get it?: Nope

Here is Tabitha's Pick A Bunch Cardi. Another great piece at Anthro right now. The colors are fantastic and aren't as bright as they show on the website. This fits TTS. I'm wearing an XS. The cardigan is a bit short, so it should be paired with another top. I'm wearing Odille's Whitecaps Blouse, REVIEWED HERE. It's not itchy as most sweaters can be. I also love the flowers on the upper right. It makes it look very delicate. This is a great piece for fall.


Tabitha Pick A Bunch Cardi  |  Multi  |  $128  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18866491
Pros: Color, detail, look, feel
Cons: None
Will I get it?: Once it goes on sale

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