Anthropologie Product Reviews | Round 3

Here is Deletta's Three Rivers Top. I also have been waiting to try this on since I saw it online. It looked so comfortable and it definitely is. The top is TTS. I'm wearing an XS. I really like all of the ruffle details around the neckline and also the wrapped effect in the front.  The colors that this top comes in are very beautiful as well! I am wearing Wine

The V neck is WAY too low to wear to work unless you have another top underneath. The material is very thin and cheap feeling. This is a top you have have to try on in the stores to see if you liked the fit. The wrap button area hits me just perfect, but for some with a shorter or longer torso area, it might just hang there and not have any shape.

Back to the rack.

Deletta Three Rivers Top  |  Wine  |  $68  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19052182
Pros: Color, wrap effect, detail around neckline, soft
Cons: Material feels cheap, very low cut
Verdict: C
Will I get it?: I would have to try it on again and it would have to be on sale.

Here is Edme & Esyllte's 1952 Skirt. I really was drawn to the colors and pattern of the skirt, but once I got it on, I wasn't impressed. The skirt is very long and hits below the knee. Since the skirt is so long, and I'm only 5'3'', it makes me look very short and frumpy. The skirt fits TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. Some might want to size up if they feel it's a bit tight around the waist. It all depends on what type of shirt you would want to tuck in. I have it paired with the Three Rivers Top (review above). Since this top is so thin, it was fine, but I would have to size up to a 4 if I wanted to tuck in a sweater. The material makes me look so puffy on the bottom. The material also feels very cheap and is not worth full price.

Back to the rack.

Edme & Esyllte 1952 Skirt  |  Green Motif  |  $138  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18883264
Pros: Colors, design
Cons: Very full skirt, waist sizing a bit off, puffy, long
Verdict: D
Will I get it?: No

Here is Tracy Reese's Peppered and Striped Skirt. I have wanting to try this one for a long time! The skirt is great! It fits TTS. I'm wearing a 2. If you can between sizes, you might want to try to size up and see which one feels more comfortable to you. I love the colors and detailing in the skirt. The row of buttons is very cute. The length is really great too. It hits just below the knee. I didn't grab anything to try this on with, so I just threw on Deletta's Three River's Top, reviewed above, in orange. It actually made the dots and stripes on the skirt look more orange instead of yellow, so it worked out. I wouldn't wearing this top with this skirt though. I really love the vintage and 50's style!


Tracy Reese Peppered and Striped Skirt  |  Grey Motif  |  $128  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19131606
Pros: Color, design, length, button detail
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: Once it goes on sale.

Here is Coquille's Button Loop Skirt. This skirt is really lovely with the buttons all the way up the front and the lavender color. It's very feminine and soft looking. I didn't end up unbuttoning all the buttons, but it seems like you can wear this either all the way buttoned or open. The skirt fits TTS. I'm wearing a 2. The only thing I didn't like about this skirt was the slight puff and bulge near the waist as you can see in the photo. It makes your hips look a bit wider. The skirt is also short and hits a little above the knee.

I have the skirt paired with Deletta's Craft and Creation Top, REVIEWED HERE and HERE.


Coquille Button Loop Skirt  |  Lavender  |  $88  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18934869
Pros: Color, button detail, feel of fabric, price
Cons: Puffy near wasit
Verdict: B+
Will I get in?: Once it goes on sale.

Here is Idra's Mimetic Skirt. I love, love this skirt. It's such a simple black skirt, but I love the sash/bow detail of the front. It gives it a little something special. The skirt is TTS. I'm wearing a size 2. On some, the skirt could add some puffiness near your hips. The length is good as well. It hits just above the knee. The skirt is very comfortable, simple and flowy. I have it paired with Knitted & Knotted's Cotton Candy Clouds Cardigan, REVIEWED HERE.

Definitely wishlisted.

Idra Mimetic Skirt  |  Black  |  $88  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18330076
Pros: Fit, sash/bow detail, length, material, flowy
Cons: Could be puffy near waistline
Verdict: A-
Will I get it?: Yes, when it goes on sale.

Here is Tabitha's Harbingers of Fall Dress. I really like the materials used; a silk material on top and a heavier wool type material on bottom. It fits TTS. I'm wearing a 2. There are some very beautiful bead detailing on the shoulder area which makes is look feminine and soft. Overall, the dress looks very professional and neutral. The length is a bit weird though. It's pretty short. I think this would look great with a belt and some boot or booties and tights for Fall. It does have a tight fit around the armpit area. The skirt also seems to want to bunch in the front.


Tabitha Harbingers of Fall Dress  |  Grey  |  $158  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19288075
Pros: Different materials, color, fit, bead detailing
Cons: Short, tight around armpit area, skirt bunches
Verdict: B-
Will I get it?: I would have to try it on again, and it would have to be on sale.

Here is Maeve's Magnifying Glass Dress. My local Anthro only had sizes 4 and above, no 0's or 2's. This dress is huge on me and I think that a smaller size would have looked better. I been wanting to try this on since I saw the girl in the subway from the AT&T UVerse commercial wearing it. I love the colors and length. If a size 0 or 2 comes back online, I most likely will buy it just to see how it fits.

Back to the rack.

Maeve Magnifying Glass Dress  |  Grey Motif  |  $69.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18308585
Pros: Length, design, colors
Cons: None
Verdict: B+
Will I get it?: If it pops back online or in stores, I will

I've been wanting to try on one.september's Count The Waves Dress for awhile now after seeing it online. My local Anthro didn't have an XS or this is a small. This was huge on me! I am seriously swimming in it. I'm not sure if the XS would be as tight as it should. This definitely runs big. I really like the detailing of the buttons and ruffles of the top, but the material is a thin t-shirt type material. I was very disappointed with the bottom material of the dress. It feels very stiff. I do feel like this is overpriced for the quality.

Back to the rack.

one.september Count The Waves Dress  |  Black  |  $148  |  BUY HERE
Pros: Ruffles and buttons on top
Cons: Way too big, cheap/stiff skirt material, bulky
Verdict: D
Will I get it?: No

Finally, something I liked! Here is Moulinette Soeurs' Oak Apple Dress. I love everything about this dress! The colors, reminds me of a Van Gogh painting. It fits TTS. I'm wearing a 2. The length is great too. It hits just below the knee. They didn't have a 2P to try on, which would have hit me just at or slightly above the knee. For some, it might be too low cut, and I think it is to wear to work, but it great for going out. The colors are not as bright as they show on the website, but are still beautiful. This would look so cute with a yellow/orange cardigan or jacket.

Definitely wishlisted.

Moulinette Soeurs Oak Apple Dress  |  Blue Motif  |  $178  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18937813
Pros: Color, design, length
Cons: Low cut
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: Yes, hopefully I can wait until it goes on sale

Here is Charlie and Robin's Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat. I was drawn to the gold/yellow color since it reminds me of Fall. My local Anthro didn't have an XS, so this is a S. It is a little loose and big on me, so I would definitely want to try on an XS. I love the cut, length and big buttons. I didn't like the collar area though. It kept folding overing and the top button wouldn't stay against my chest, as if the button was too heavy to hold up the material. The material seems flimsy and the Sweatercoat is not lined. It also made my hips look slightly bigger then they are because of cut.

Wishlisted, but would have to try on again.

Charlie and Robin Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat  |  Gold  |  $168  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18903526
Pros: Color, cut, length
Cons: No lined, material flimsy, puffy at hipline
Verdict: B-/C+
Will I get it?: It would have to be on sale and I would need to try it on again

Here is Tabitha's Tweedy Leaves Dress. I love everything about this dress. It it TTS. I'm wearing a 2. The length hits just above the knee. The top material has a very pretty design and different colors. This dress could be worn to work or out for the night. It would also look great with some tights, a cardigan and some booties. This dress has pockets, which I love. It's very flattering and is comfortable.

Definitely wishlisted.

Tabitha Tweedy Leaves Dress  |  Green Motif  |  $158  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19286764
Pros: Style, fit, colors, cut, POCKETS
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: Yep, once it goes on sale

Here is Floreat's Ruffled Plaid Dress. My local Anthro didn't have a size 2, so this is a 4. It's a little big, but I know that a size 2 would fit perfect. I love the colors, detailing of the ruffles around the neckline, length (hits just below the knee), and belt (that's included). I think this would look great with dark grey or black tight with boots or booties for Fall. This could be worn to work or out for a casual night.

Definitely wishlisted.

Floreat Ruffled Plaid Dress  |  Blue  |  $158  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18822353
Pros: Plaid material, color, length, fit, ruffled detail
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Will I get it? Once it goes on sale.

This was one of the best dresses I tried on all day! This is Velvet's Lucerna Dress. The dress fits TTS. I'm wearing an XS. I love everything about this dress. The length is great; it hits just above the knee. The material is very stretchy, comfortable and flowy. The neckline is not too low either so this could be worn to work or out on the town. The red color is a muted red which is great for Fall or Winter. This might be a full price purchase for me.

Wishlisted, but might have to go back and get at full price.

Velvet Lucerna Dress  |  Red  |  $128  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19409408
Pros: Color, cut, length, material
Cons: None
Verdict: A+
Will I get it?: Yes

Here is Elevenses' Blurred Fresco Coat. It fits TTS. I'm wearing a 2. It buttons very easily with the big buttons. The coat is a cream color with a very pretty and feminine design. It's very warm and is lined. The overall length and sleeve length is a perfect length as well. This is such a different coat from anything I have now, so I might have to reconsider buying for Fall.

Wishlisted, but might have to pay at full price.

Elevenses Blurred Fresco Coat  |  Neutral Motif  |  $228  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18996934
Pros: Muted colors, design, length, fit, cut
Cons: None
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: Yes, but would want to try on one more time

Here is Yellow Bird's Set the Course Cardi that I have been eyeing online and it finally went on sale. I'm wearing the Moss color. It's TTS. I'm wearing an XS. It's very comfortable and the length is great; not too short and not too long. The sleeves are 3/4 length. This cardigan can be worn buttoned up or open. The ruffles add a very feminine and different look.

A must buy!

Yellow Bird Set The Course Cardi  |  Black, Moss, Purple  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18912980
Pros: Ruffled detail, versatile, color, length, fit, cut
Cons: None
Verdict: A+
Will I get it?: I did since it was on sale.

I grabbed this top just before I got into the dressing room. This is Bordeaux's Daylight Aurora Top. There really is nothing bad to say about this top besides it's very tight. I'm wearing an XS but I could size up to a S. The color is so light and delicate and is more of a light pink. The mesh and lace-type design adds to the feminine look. A great looking top that can be dressed up or down.

Definitely wishlisted.

Bordeaux Daylight Aurora Top  |  Beige  |  $78  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19371988
Pros: Color, cut, design, material
Cons: Tight (can size up)
Verdict: A-
Will I get it?: Once it goes on sale

I've been really wanting to try on is Sleeping on Snow's Herringbone Sweater Jacket. I was looking for the Grey color, but my local Anthro only have the Brown color which is more of an Ivory. I am wearing an XS, but I could size up to a S. The sweater jacket is very soft and comfortable. It is cropped and falls short of my torso. Also the collar seems a bit busy. It doesn't really work unbuttoned at all and is very heavy.

Wishlisted, but not really sure. I would have to try it on again.

Sleeping on Snow Herringbone Sweater Jacket  |  Brown, Dark Grey  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18924340
Pros: Soft, comfortable, warm
Cons: Cropped cut, collar very busy, heavy, only be worn buttoned up
Verdict: C-
Will I get it?: It would have to be on sale and I would have to try it on again

Here is Guinevere's Wish You Were Here Cardigan. I love all of the delicate details on the material and the color. It's TTS. I'm wearing a S. It's very lightweight and comfortable. It's way too short though. You could really only wear this tucked into a skirt or pants. It has a very deep V, so you have to wear another top underneath it.

Back to the rack, but would reconsider if I tried it on again with a skirt or pants it could be tucked into.

Guinevere Wish You Were Here Caridgan  |  Multi  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18722116
Pros: Color, comfortable, delicate, design
Cons: Way too short, low cut
Verdict: B-
Will I get it?: I would reconsider if it was on sale and I tried it on with a skirt or pants

Here is Moth's Steamer Trunk Skirt. First off, it runs big. I'm wearing a 2 and I could size down to 0. I like the cut of the skirt and how it flares out toward the bottom. The length is good as it hits just above the knee. The material is great for Fall and Winter since it's a bit heavier. The material doesn't seem to be that great though and I could see this not lasting very long if you don't follow the washing instructions carefully. I also noticed that it puckers a bit where the zipper is. I personally like this skirt since it's so simple, but the bottom has the trumpet style that I like. I have it paired with Deletta's Craft and Creation Top, REVIEWED HERE and HERE.


Moth Steamer Trunk Skirt  |  Cream, Black  |  $98  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18909903
Pros: Length, trumpet style
Cons: Material quality, runs big
Verdict: B-
Will I get it?: It would have to be on sale and I would have to try it on again

Here is Moth's Van Wrinkle Sweater. This sweater fits nicely and is very comfortable. It fits TTS. I'm wearing an XS, but I could also size up to a S. I love the Gold color for Fall. The dots are a nice touch as well. The length hits a the perfect spot and the sleeve length hits at the wrist. The neckline and front is a bit busy, but make the piece very interesting and different.


Moth Van Wrinkle Sweater  |  Gold  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18902106
Pros: Color, fit, design, cut, length
Cons: Neckline very busy
Verdict: B
Will I get It?: Once it goes on sale

What a unique and awesome looking sweater! Here is Gro Abrahamsson's Best Of The Bunch Cardigan. It's a unique piece that can be worn so many different ways. This was my favorite jacket I tried on all day. It's not really a cardigan, I would say more of a jacket since it's made from wool. It's warm and heavy enough for Fall. The color is a cognac color, not orange as the website states. I love how you can skip certain buttons and also even button it up straight (as seen on the website) for a completely different look. This piece doesn't come in XS, so I have on a S. The arms are a bit loose on me as you can see in the photo. The arm length is a bit long, but not long enough where I wouldn't purchase this item. The overall length is great and the material is comfortable. I don't like the price at all and if it would have been cheaper, I would have bought this in a heartbeat.

Wishlished for sure!

Gro Abrahamsson Best Of The Bunch Cardigan  |  Dark Orange  |  $228  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 19049253
Pros: Color, cut, versatile, material
Cons: Length of arms a bit long, price
Verdict: A
Will I get It?: Yes. I hope they have this in my size once it goes on sale.


  1. Wow, you totally mean business when it comes to dressing room reviews! Thanks for putting this together, it must have been a lot of work! So many of these look really great on you, and you are making me REALLY crave the C&C top in purple that you've paired with a lot of the pieces -- where oh where can I find one now though? :) It paired with the Button Loop skirt on you is flat out stunning! And I share your love for the Lucerna Dress - so easy to wear, so flattering!

  2. You're welcome! I love going to Anthro and reviewing! If there's anything you ever want reviewed that you see online, I will go to the store and review for you. I will even take extra photos and pair it with items I think look good. Just let me know!

    You can actually call 800-309-2500 and it usually goes straight to the operator. They are all so sweet! All you have to do is give them the style number which is #18255307 and what size you want and they will tell you what stores have it and give you the store numbers. Then call whatever store has it and let them know you want them to check on an item you were told they have in stock from online. You give them the style number again and they will check and make sure they have it. Once they make sure they have it in stock, they take down all of your information and will ship it to you for free (usually). I just got some earrings that were sold out online shipped from a Texas Anthro a couple weeks back and it took me about 5 minutes for the whole process. Totally worth it if you really want an item! I would get the C&C purple top. I couldn't believe how many items it goes with! Let me know how it goes if you end up calling!

  3. Wow! This is an awesome set of reviews! I like your grading system and your clear pictures. It helps that we're close in size too!! Btw... that best of the bunch cardi doesn't come in an xs. The arms are just huge on that thing.

  4. Hey Cat! Thanks! You're right! It doesn't come in XS...darn! I really love this piece too!

    Oh, you have one of the best blogs around, by the way! All of your reviews and posts are so great, inspiring and adorable! Especially the Disneyland post.

  5. I can't wait for you to post reviews now that I have subscribed to your FB page. Keep em coming Elizabeth.
    I love the Idras Mimetic skirt. The bow, the length and the shape is perfect.
    The Floreat's Ruffle dress is my pick for dresses.
    I wasn't sure the Velvet Lerna Dress was the best on you though. In the photo the pleats seemed all wrong to me. The Oak Apple Dress was heaps nicer on you. The colours suited you beautifully and the cut gave you a great shape.
    How nice is the last cardi?????? It is Spring where I live but it sure is tempting to put aside for next year. Gorgeous. You looked awesome in it. BUY IT and get the arms tailored.

  6. Hey Sue! Thanks! I'm glad you like the reviews and have subscribed! If there is anything you want reviewed in more depth, let me know.

    About the last cardigan...It's so wonderful! If it's still cold in the mornings where you are or chilly at night, you could wear this now. It isn't as heavy as a winter coat at all. Even though is says "wool" on the website, it is a very LIGHT wool. If it's cold, you would have to layer it to keep warm.. It is such an interesting and different piece...that is why I'm so drawn to it.

    Cat, who posted above you, also reviewed it on her blog. Here is the link:

    Let me know if you have any more questions about the cardigan or any other items!

  7. Awesome Reviews and Super Helpful! Thank you for posting this!

  8. hey, love your reviews!! great depth. also, you're the first blogger i've seen who looks amazing in the ruffled plaid dress. no poofing. thanks for the reviews!

  9. Thanks for your feedback! The Ruffled Plaid dress was one of my favorites I tried on recently. It was really hard not to buy it!

  10. I just love how Tabitha's Harbingers of Fall Dress looks on you! It doesn't even bunch up like it did on me. Guinevere's Wish You Were Here Cardigan looks amazing when tucked into the Peppered and Striped skirt.
    Don't you just love everything that is out this wallet will suffer soon :)

  11. Thanks! Yeah, my wallet is going to suffer too! :)