Anthropologie Review | Whirl & Wind Cardigan, Showpiece Tee & Just Right Skirt

10:15 AM

I popped into Anthro very quickly yesterday just to pick up the Whirl and Wind Cardigan in gold (and some accessories) since they have been sold out online for months. I was lucky they had a couple left in my size! I tried on an XS and S and ended up buying the XS. I usually size up in cardigans to make sure they don't gap but this cardigan must run big since it buttoned perfectly without stretching over my chest. I love everything about this piece...the stitch detail, the's so beautiful! I'm so glad I finally got it! Oh and I just threw it over the outfit I wore since I was in a hurry (OUTFIT HERE).

Sparrow Whirl & Wind Cardigan  |  Gold, White, Black  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 010070
Pros: Color, cut, stitch detail, rosette
Cons: Size down if you are between sizes
Verdict: A

Here is Deletta's Showpiece Tee and Girls From Savoy Just Right Skirt. I grabbed the Deletta Tee since I already purchased the Red color (on sale) and thought that it wouldn't hurt to have the Navy color as well. I saw the skirt on a table right as I was walking into the dressing room.

First off, I really love the Showpiece Tee. For some, there might be too much going on, but I think it is such an interesting piece that can be worn with many skirts, pants and jeans. The top is TTS. I am wearing a S, but I would have picked up an XS if they wouldn't have been sold out of it already. It does add a lot of bulk to your chest. If you are unsure, I would go ahead and purchase it online or call the 800 number or if you can't try it on in the store just to see if you like it or not. You can always return it if it doesn't work for you.

Deletta Showpiece Tee  |  Red, Navy  |  $29.95  |  BUY HERE or call 800-309-2500
Style #: 18779595
Pros: Length, cut, detail
Cons: Could be too bulky for some
Verdict: A

The Girls From Savoy skirt is so business...I love it. The color is grey with a small pinstripe pattern. The ruffles are also add a touch of fun. The length is great. It hits just above the knee. I grabbed my normal size 2, and I would say I need to size down in this one to a 0. It didn't fit as a normal size 2 should. I had a lot of extra room around the stomach and hip area. I would order a size down for this one. There are no pockets, which is a bummer and the zipper is in the back.

Definitely wishlisted.

Girls From Savoy Just Right Skirt  |  Grey  |  $118  |  BUY HERE
Style #: 18522011
Pros: Length, cut, color, ruffles
Cons: Runs a bit big
Verdict: A-
Will I get it?: Once it goes on sale.

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