Anthropologie Product Reviews - Dresses!

So I hit Anthro early this morning at 10am to get into the sales room. I was the first one in, and found a couple of skirts that were marked down, but didn't look good on me at all! The three items I wanted to get sold out online at 12am so I thought the store would have it. No luck. I can't believe I left Anthro empty handed today! :( I think that'a a first!

I did grab some dresses I've been eyeing online to review.

Maeve Seaside Dress  |  Size 2  |  Blue Motif  |  $138  |  BUY HERE
Pros: Color contrast, detail of top and bottom, cut, comfortable
Cons: None
Verdict: A-
Will I get it?: I wanted this so bad, but I am holding out until it goes on sale

Deletta Fukuoka Folds Dress  |  Size XS  |  Dark Purple  |  $138  |  BUY HERE
Pros: Top detail, color
Cons: Bottom material is different then top, bottom material feels and looks cheap
Verdict: C-
Will I get it?: No no no, a belt might make it look better

Edme and Esyllte Sugar-Coated Shirt Dress  |  Size 2  |  Gold  |  $128  |  BUY HERE
Pros: Everything except the ribbon belt, it's very old fashioned house-wive
Cons: Nothing
Verdict: A++
Will I get it?: I really hope they don't sell out of this in my size. I'm holding out until it goes on sale.

Here is the Sugar-Coated Shirt Dress with a belt. I think this looks a lot better.

Banded Together Belt  |  Size S  |  Brown  |  $38  |  BUY HERE

I also think that this belt would look great...

High Prarie Belt |  Size S  |  Neutral  |  $38  |  BUY HERE

We Love Vera Changing Canopy Dress  |  Size 2  |  Botanical Motif |  $168  |  BUY HERE
Pros: Detail, colors, cut
Cons: Ribbon belt
Verdict: A
Will I get it?: I really hope they don't sell out of this in my size. I'm holding out until it goes on sale.

Here is the Changing Canopy Dress with a belt, which I think looks much better.

Top: Cylindrical Braided Belt  |  Size S  |  Black  |  $34  |  BUY HERE
Bottom: Banded Together Belt  |  Size S  |  Brown  |  $38  |  BUY HERE

Moulinette Soeurs Pittore Dress  |  Size 0 (Sold out of size 2)  |  Botanical Motif |  $168  |  BUY HERE
Pros: Everything...detailing of the colored splotches, cut, feel of material
Cons: Need a size 2, size 0 I couldn't lift up my arms because the material was too tight
Verdict: A+++
Will I get it?: This was so hard to hand back, but I'm waiting for it to go on sale.


  1. Love, love, love last two dresses. And the purple one is gorgeous too. They all look really great on you.
    I wish we had Anthro here. I hope they go on sale and I can grab one before they sell out.

  2. I really love the second to last dress on you!

  3. I just saw your post on the Facebook Anthro site and had to check your blog out.
    I look forward to reading your thoughts and reviews on all things Anthro.
    I also run an Anthro blog if you wanna check it out, we have similar sizing and it's interesting to see how things look on others:

    I love the way the Moulinette Soeurs Dress fits you, you look great in it.

  4. Really love that first dress. I tried it on and fell in love with it too...the color and fabric combos are great. It's in my wishlist too and I eye it everyday to make sure they don't sell out of my size. Hope it goes on sale soon!!!

  5. Great blog!! My issue with Anthro is that it always looks good in the catalog, but rarely fits as we ll or is as high quality as depicted. This is very helpful. Just bought the We Love Vera dress for a wedding and now I really want to change it up with a belt!


  6. Thanks! I'm glad you like my blog! Please follow me using the tool on the right bottom of the page) or through Facebook (located at the top of my page) to get my updates instantly. I do agree that it always looks great in the catalog! I would love to see what the dress looks like on you and what belt you decide to wear! :)

  7. So, it's not available on-line anymore, but there are a few of the Moulinette Soeurs Pittore Dresses left in the store-one in my size. I love it so much that I want to just buy it, but it's so expensive. If I buy it now, what are my chances it will go on sale in the next two weeks and I could bring my receipt in for a price adjustment? I don't want to be cheap but it seems almost everything goes on sale and $168 just seems a little high.



  8. Hey Ashley,

    I'm not sure when it will go on sale. I really want this dress too and it's sold out online! I have it on my wishlist so I can see when it comes back in stock or if someone returns one. I am going to wait though until they hopefully get more in and they go on sale.

    What you could do, which I've done, is purchase it at full price and then purchase it again when it goes on sale (will be about $79.95 or $89.95), whenever that is. Return the dress you bought at half price with your receipt you paid full price for.

    If it does go on sale within the next 2 weeks, you can do a price adjustment and you wouldn't have to purchase two dresses.

  9. Hello Ladies,

    I have Anthropologie Changing Canopy Dress in sizes 2 & 4 (w/o belts) they sold out everywhere but I want to sell them, they are brand new with tags on so if you want it please email me at price $60 plus shipping (comes from clean, pet & smoke free home)