Anthropologie Sale!

1:36 AM

Hey everyone. It's markdown time!

Anthro's new site is making it SO DIFFICULT to see the sale prices! If you see anything on sale not listed, please leave a comment so I can add it to the list.

Just a note, no more FREE shipping.

If you don't have an Anthro card, GET ONE! It's free and takes seconds to sign up. You can do in-store returns and price adjustments without a receipt, you get birthday discounts and first looks at new items!

To sign up for an Anthro card, CLICK HERE.

To link your Anthro card to you Anthro online account, CLICK HERE

Also, if there is any item that is sold out in your size that you want, call CS at (800) 309-2500. Just give them the style number and your size and they will find it at any Anthro store in the US and ship it to you. It's really easy and they are always super helpful and nice!

Did you buy anything this morning? I'm really lusting over the Readymade Dress, Mementos Dress and A-Bit-Unruly Top.

All SALE markdowns HERE. (List updated at 6AM PST) Also 2nd cuts this morning as well.

***I am looking for the Emcee Tee in the Red Motif in an XS. CS says all stores are sold out, but if you see one, please put it on hold for Liz or leave a comment and let me know. TIA!


Readymade Dress
Style# 20750543
Color: Red Motif
Price: $69.95

Mementos Maxi Dress
Style# 21387675
Color: Yellow, Blue Motif
Price: $99.95

Parallel Flights Dress
Style# 20898243
Color: Blue Motif
Price: $99.95

Wayfarer Dress
Style# 20828638
Color: Green
Price: $59.95

Smocked Gauze Dress
Style# 21302252
Color: Ivory, Green
Price: $59.95
Style# 21385216
Color: Peach, Black Motif
Price: $99.95


Kittery Top
Style# 22548853
Color: Yellow
Price: $39.95

Hanami Blouse
Style# 20871034
Color: Green Motif, Red Motif
Price: $39.95

Beechwood Blouse
Style# 22597058
Color: White, Rose
Price: $49.95


Apparition Shirt
Style# 21118823
Color: White
Price: $49.95

Tie-Back Tank
Style# 20918348
Color: Black Motif, Blue Motif, Grey Motif, Orange Motif, White Motif
Price: $39.95
REVIEW coming soon

Color Construction Tee

Style# 20703716
Color: Multi
Price: $39.95

A-Bit-Unruly Top
Style# 19878826
Color: Blue, Red Motif, Brown Motif, Green, Blue Motif, Neutral Motif
Price: $39.95

Ternary Strap Tank
Style# 21118922
Color: Navy, Turquoise, Ivory
Price: $19.95

Paint The Sky Tee
Style# 20901765
Color: Red, White, Sky
Price: $29.95

Confluence Top
Style# 20808135
Color: Green, Brown
Price: $29.95

Languid V-Neck
Style# 21030614
Color: Black Motif
Price: $39.95

Bento Box Top
Style# 21215306
Color: Red Motif
Price: $39.95

Infinite Garden Tank
Style# 20295960
Color: Orange
Price: $29.95

Alma Top
Style# 20581278
Color: Red
Price: $39.95

Ruched Hourglass Top
Style# 20920187
Color: Navy, Red
Price: $29.95

Style# 20233144
Color: Grey Motif
Price: $39.95


Pointelle Posy Pullover
Style# 20837811
Color: Yellow
Price: $39.95

Pointelle Pullover
Style# A20837811
Color: Turquoise, Orange
Price: $39.95

Hyperbole Pullover
Style# 21019724
Color: Ivory
Price: $59.95

Brolly Cardi
Style# 20688214
Color: Pink, Sky, White
Price: $39.95


Sagebrush Skirt
Style# 20668505
Color: Green Motif
Price: $69.95

Hamatreya Skirt
Style# 20774527
Color: Orange
Price: $49.95

Diamante Skirt
Style# 20624557
Color: Navy
Price: $69.95

Helios Batik Midi
Style# 21309893
Color: Purple Motif
Price: $69.95


Wide & Narrow Cargos
Style# 21081476
Color: Black, Moss
Price: $39.95


Gliding Georgette Jacket
Style# 21029293
Color: Orange
Price: $79.95

Striped Crossover Jacket
Style# 20430468
Color: Blue
Price: $59.95

Willowy Lines Jacket
Style# 20752663
Color: Beige
Price: $69.95

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