Anthropologie Dressing Room Requests

4:33 PM

Hello all you Anthro lovers! I am making a trip to Anthro early NEXT WEEK to do some reviews for you. If there is an item (or items) you want reviewed, please post a comment with the name of the item or style number. If there is a specific color you want reviewed, please let me know that as well. Looking forward to see what you ladies are eyeing!

THE ANTHRO EXCHANGE: It's being updated and will be posted tomorrow or Monday. If you have any items you want to add or that have sold, please email me if you haven't already. :)

Here are the requests so far...

Evening Chill Pullover
Style# 20519278
Requested by: Nancy

Tupelo Dress
Style# 22587232
Requested by: Brenda

Checked Crops
Style# 21257126
Requested by: Cristina

Back View Dress
Style# 20909255
Requested by: Alicia

Luzula Cardigan
Style# 20838371
Requested by: Alicia

Drape & Twist Tee
Style# 20895173
Requested by: Lisa

Starred Entry Tee
Style# 22760227
Requested by: Lisa

Sidebent Tank
Style# 20918850
Requested by: Lisa

Summer Chill Pullover
Style# 21282876
Requested by: Lisa

Fanning Scallops Pullover
Style# 21317573
Requested by: Lisa

Cutaway Tee
Style# 20981031
Requested by: Alicia

Sugared Dress
Style# 21182431
Requested by: Vanessa

Spiced Dress
Style# 21088448
Requested by: Vanessa

Style# 22597058
Requested by: Vanessa

Style# 21307319
Requested by: Vanessa

Style# 20776431
Requested by: Melanie

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