The Anthro Exchange | Up For Grabs | Just Updated (6:45PM)

6:54 PM

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that The Anthro Exchange: Up For Grabs has been updated with new inventory!

New items include (over 40 items added today):
Two Wheeler Shirtdress (Size 8)
Perilla Dress (Size Large)
Level 99 Carolina Shorts (Size 25)
Monthly Meet-Up Pullover (Size Small)
In An Instant Dress (Size 8)
Seabound Skirt (Size 4)
Bookbinder Cardigan (Size Small)
In A Twinkling Dress (Size 4)
Fountain of Youth Dress (Size 4)
Je Ne Sais Scarf Tee (Size Small)
Brume Chemise (Size Small)

Also check out The Anthro Exchange: Desperately Seeking (You might find a buyer here if you're a seller...also when you post a comment, it sends a copy to my email and when people send me items to list for sale, I usually do a search through my email to see if anyone is looking for an will get 1st dibs before I post it) and Just Spotted to see what is in the sales room.

Also, I'm making a trip to Anthro (looks like Tuesday) this week to do reviews for you. CLICK HERE to request an item or two or just see what everyone else is eyeing.

I hope everyone has a great night!

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