BMDRD (Behind My Dressing Room Door) Reviews

8:48 AM

So I haven't had time to go to Anthro this week yet again because of school. I have been scoping out the Anthro website and I hope to be able to go tomorrow to try on some of the new arrivals!

During the sale last week, I ordered some goodies that will be here tomorrow and Monday! Some of the items I ordered I have never tried on so I will review those items once I get them. I did receive the Maeve Secret Treasure Dress and the Heritage Estate Blouse. I never got a chance to try on the Maeve Secret Treasure Dress before I bought it. They were sold out online and in my local Anthro, so I called the online number and I found out that a store in the San Diego area had 4 of them. I called them immediately and ordered it. I also ordered the Pave Pachyderm Posts (elephant earrings). 
They were also sold out online and only 1 store had it in Texas. I haven't received them yet, but I will do a review once I do.

Now onto the Maeve Secret Treasure Dress. I apologize for the dress being wrinkled. I haven't had a chance to iron it since I just received it in the mail.
The Meave Secret Treasure Dress comes in green (pictured on me) and a blue/violet color. I don't think that the blue/violet color went on sale last week, but it is sold out. I was hoping to get my hands on that one as well! As of today, both are sold out online but some stores still have some. There are small darker green pinstripes which I love. One thing that I was worried about were the buttons, having the unbutton and button all the way down. I was able to just unbutton half way down and slip the dress over my head. I have on an XS and it is a bit tight in the bust. It isn't gapping though since there are extra hidden snap buttons in between the looped buttons. Even though it's tight in the bust, it's very loose and puffy around my stomach area. The arm holes are also pretty big. I don't have a dress like this in my closet, so this is a keeper. It can be dressed up or down which I love. I will be wearing a cardigan over this once it gets cooler outside.

Maeve Secret Treasure Dress  |  XS  |  Green |  $59.95  |  Sold out online, still in some stores
Seychelles Bette Flat/Wedding March Skimmers  |  7  |  Vacchetta  |  $66.83-80  |  REVIEW/BUY HERE
Beaded Curtain Belt  |  $58  |  Brown  |  No longer available, BUY SIMILAR HERE
Pink Studio Patsy Peep-Toe Espadrille  |  Brown  |  $79.20  |  BUY HERE

The second item I received is the Heritage Estate Blouse. Again, I haven't ironed this blouse yet so I apologize for it being wrinkled. I am wearing an XS and there is still a lot of room. I love the detailing of the top of the blouse and also the polka dots in the pink color. Online it states it's cream, but it's really more of a pink color. The blouse has a zipper on the side and a button in the back. I love the versatility! You can wear the ribbon in the front with a tied bow, in the back with a tied bow, or remove it and add a belt. 

Heritage Estate Blouse  |  2  |  Cream  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE
Pilcro Straight Slim Jean  |  25  |  Kitten  |  $49.95  |  BUY HERE
Seychelles Bette Flat/Wedding March Skimmers  |  Off White (Neutral), Aqua & Vacchetta  |  $77.95-$79.95  |  BUY HERE
Beaded Curtain Belt  |  $58  |  Brown  |  No longer available, BUY SIMILAR HERE
Pink Studio Patsy Peep-Toe Espadrille  |  Brown  |  $79.20  |  BUY HERE

What do you think looks best in each outfit? Any other styling ideas?

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