The Anthro Exchange | Just Spotted (New Items: 6/18/11)

5:00 PM

Post a comment to where you have seen certain items in the store and I will update the list as it comes in. Also please check the comments for new sightings!

6/18 Evening
Courtesy of Nadine
Torrence, CA 
(310) 370-9709
Glanz dress, size 14
Berry months dress, size 2
Golden Rays Skirt, size 0, 2, 12
Darmee dress, blue size 2
Ackee pencil skirt, bout half a dozen
Araca pencil skirt, bout half a dozen
First light skirt, sizes 0, 2, 6
Goldfield skirt (second cut, 39.95) sizes 0,2,4
Cultural heritage skirt, size 10

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