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8:38 AM

Good morning everyone! I have had some requests from readers to help find or sell their Anthro items. Bridgette was first to approach me about selling her dress, which sold in less then 5 minutes after I posted it. I know that Effortless Anthropologie already has the Trade/Buy Market (I don't/didn't want to step on any toes here), and I suggested Bridgette to use this option when she contacted me, but she wanted me to post it on my blog instead. I was thinking about starting something called the Anthro Exchange.

This is how it will work...(all ideas and suggestions are welcome if you have any)

You will email me with the item you want to buy or sell instead of posting a comment. I will gather that information from your email (name, contact info, items, photos, prices, etc.) and update the posting (The Anthro Exchange - Buyers and The Anthro Exchange - Sellers (names pending)) with the information for all to view easily, just like Bridgette's posting HERE. I also will be putting them into categories as well. For example, skirts, tops, dresses or by size (haven't quite decided). This will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for quickly. Once sold, I can easily mark sold on the item. You can have people leave comments on my page if you don't want to give your email out or you can have them contact you directly so you know who is first in line to buy. If you are a reader and have some leads, you can either contact the person seeking the item or by leaving a comment for them (others would be able to see this information too). I could even also have a page where you can post "Items Spotted" and I can update that post as well to easily view with what items you saw, sizes, store information, etc.

I think the commenting system is great, but sometimes it gets hard to find what you are looking for. I think having all this information updated in a posting that is organized will make it much easier.

Possible Names for Buyers (Seekers)
1. The Anthro Exchange - Desperately Seeking
2. The Anthro Exchange - In Search Of
3. The Anthro Exchange - Looking to Buy

Possible Names for Buyers (Sellers)
1. The Anthro Exchange - For Sale
2. The Anthro Exchange - Selling

Possible Names for Items Spotted (might omit this since you can just reply to the Seekers posting)
1. The Anthro Exchange - Items Spotted

What do you think of the Anthro Exchange idea? Should I do separate postings for each person as I have done for Bridgette HERE or for Sue HERE? Use categories with size/style clothing for better organization and easy/fast viewing? Any name suggestions? Not do it at all (again...don't want to step on toes here)? All thoughts and comments are welcome.

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