The Anthro Exchange | Desperately Seeking | Information

1:59 PM

Hey everyone! The Anthro Exchange: Desperately Seeking will be up and running by end of day. For all of you who have emailed me, I will put your items up as soon as I get home today and update this posting with photos and contact info.

In the meantime, if you are desperately seeking an items(s), please post a comment HERE and leave your email so others can reply to you via comment or via email until I get this up and running.

If anyone has any leads, please either email the person seeking or leave a comment (others will be able to view this information as well).

Thanks and hope you are enjoying your Friday!

I'm going to start this off...I am desperately seeking the following (my whole order got cancelled...Booo...TIA)
All items have been found!!! Yah!

1. Field Skirt - Grey - 0 - FOUND in Berkeley, CA
2. Aurora Daylight Top - Beige - XS or S - FOUND in Arkansas
3. First Glow Peep-Toes - 36, 37 (prefer), 38, - FOUND in Austin, TX
4. Laced With Grace Dress - 0 - FOUND in Los Angeles, CA (THANKS SO MUCH LANI!)

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