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3:06 PM

Happy Friday everyone! I hope all you in Midwest are staying safe and warm! I also hope all of you scored some awesome items with the sale we just had! 

I was so upset when my practically my whole order was cancelled this morning that I placed Tuesday mid-afternoon. Thanks to Lani for locating the Laced With Grace for me and all others who provided such great information HERE!

I did a charge and send on Tuesday for the Laced With Grace Dress after Jen posted the sales information on my page. I was super excited that it finally went on sale! (Yah) I don't really think about following up after a charge and send, but today I just had a feeling something was not right. My whole order was cancelled, but I didn't get an email confirming or canceling my Laced With Grace Dress order. I called CS and they said that they never even sent it in to the Charge and Send Department! OH my. I'm so glad that I have another one coming for me because I never would have gotten this dress otherwise. The CS rep says always write down your order number and call 2-3 days later to check the status of your charge and send order.

Let me just say, I got the BEST CS rep this morning. I have been looking so long for the First Glow Peep-Toes and have been calling CS almost everyday and even have called stores for them to do store checks on their computers, with no luck. He told me some great information about how their system works and said that even if it's showing "0" in stock, that the stores could still have some returns (which shows a negative number in their computers). Oh and yep he was right...all my items that got cancelled this morning were in stock in all the store numbers he gave me, including the oh-so-hard-to-find First Glow Peep-Toes. Oh thank you greatest CS rep ever for locating my items for me! I heart you.

Oh and did you know...that even if a store has 1 or 2 quantity of an item, that your charge and send WILL BE CANCELLED (even if it's in stock)!!??!! In order for it to go through, the stores numbers they call must have 3 or more in stock at the time of the call and if they don't (only have 1 or 2 quantity showing in their computer), they don't even call these stores. Thus, your order gets cancelled. Just FYI, always ask for stores that have the most quantity and also the stores that have (low) 1 or 2 quantity. CS usually doesn't give you these numbers, but just ask anyways...I found shoes I've been looking for forever! You might have some luck!

Just in case you missed it, check out The Anthro Exchange: Up For Grabs and The Anthro Exchange: Desperately Seeking. These are two new features. You can also post in The Anthro Exchange: Just Spotted post if you see an item and you would like to share.

Well, now to update with more items to sell and to work on the Seeking page! :)

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