Anthropologie Sale!

1:49 AM

Good morning everyone! Here is what is on sale as of 12AM (PST). As always, happy hunting!

Just a reminder...Anthro is doing free shipping through December, 23rd, 2010. You must have an Anthro card, it must be linked to your Anthro account and you must spend at least $150.

If you don't have an Anthro card, GET ONE! It's free and takes a couple seconds to sign up. You can do in-store returns and price adjustments without a receipt, you get birthday discounts and first looks at new items!

To sign up for an Anthro card, CLICK HERE
To link your Anthro card to you Anthro online account, CLICK HERE

Also, if there is any item that is sold out in your size that you want, call CS at (800) 309-2500. Just give them the style number and your size and they will find it at any Anthro store in the US and ship it to you. It's really easy and they are always super helpful and nice!

Ruffled Plaid Dress, $79.95, Style #18822353, REVIEW HERE

Floating Sparks Cardigan, $69.95, Style# 19264712
She's A Classic Sweater Jacket, $79.95, Style# 19181544

Stippled Canvas Top, $49.95, Style# 19429463
Plains Professor Shirt, $49.95, Style# 19003441

Loosely Looped Tee, $29.95, Style# 19211655
Pinnacle Jersey Turtleneck, $29.95, Style# 20108361
Crossing Paths Top, $39.95, Style# 19447689
Helianthus Top, $49.95, Style# 18990077
Kosode Tank, $39.95, Style# 19324037
Corinthian Top, $49.95, Style# 19253178
Leveraging Lace Tank, $39.95, Style# 19253368
Dash of Details Top, $29.95, Style# 19361104
Lorelle Tee, $39.95, Style# 19438712
Spry Boundary Top, $39.95, Style# 19276559
Rennie Tee, $39.95, Style# 19331255
Shaded Sloop Shirt, $39.95, Style# 19210913
Second Nature Cardigan, $49.95, Style# 18918656
Finessed Turtleneck, $29.95, Style# 19384072

Dark Ruffled Coats, $99.95, Style# 19110709

Cream Confection Jacket, $99.95, Style# 18652719
Frill Force Jacket, $99.95, Style# 18642702

Three Falls Skirt, $49.95, Style# 19431444
Wall Street Skirt, $49.95, Style# 19285766, REVIEW HEREFFF OUTFIT HERE
Into The Fold Skirt, $69.95, Style# 19242114
Tria Sweater Skirt, $69.95, Style# 18521773, REVIEW HERE
Homestead Denim Skirt, $49.95, Style# 18524264
Haute Skirt, $59.95, Style# 18611020
Advantage In Skirt, $49.95, Style# 19041102

Pixie Hollow Flats, $99.95, Style# 19049212

Dressing Table Bag, $19.95, Style# 093396

Also check out these sections for the rest of markdowns.
All the Extras

For a full listing of the sale items (including Home items), visit EFFORTLESS ANTHROPOLOGIE.

To see The Best of What's on Sale, visit ANTHROHOLIC.

*This list was complied by Behind The Dressing Room Door at 12:20am after refreshing each page for 20 minutes to wait for the sale. I then uploaded, typed out and linked everything. This list is not COPIED and just because another Anthro blog has a sale list too doesn't mean I can't post my own that I put time and effort into posting with photos.

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