Anthro TAG sale! (A few confirmed sales items!)

7:13 PM

I just confirmed that the following items are ON SALE as of 12:00AM (PST)

Easy Keeper Skirt, $79.95, Orange/Black Motif, Style# 19131820, REVIEW HERE
Peppered and Striped Skirt, $79.95, Style# 19131606, sold out online, REVIEW HERE
Vapor Rise Dress, $79.95, Style# 18770479, REVIEW HERE
Glowing Leaf Skirt, $49.95, Style# 19431030, sold out online
Slinking Frills Pumps, $99.95, Style# 19132307
Tea's Ribbon Cardigan, $69.95, Style# 19181775, sold out online, REVIEW HERE
Cassonode Coat, $99.95, Style# 19019983
Prized Rose Peep-Toes, $69.95, Style# 18317719, $79.95 or $89.95

Confirmed NOT on sale tomorrow
Easy As Pie Dress
Spinning Lace Dress, sold out online
Look Back Sweater Dress
Waving Grains Pumps

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