Year In Review {My Top 10 Anthro Items of 2012}

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Good morning everyone! Can you believe that 2012 is coming to a close? I can't believe how fast this year went by. I wanted to take a look back at some of my favorite Anthropologie items from this year. This year, unlike last, was easy for me to pick out my top Anthro items. Anthro released some great items, but was very hit or miss for me. I'm hoping that 2013 will bring more unique and beautiful pieces. What are your favorite items from 2012? I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Years!

Favorite #1  >  Scoopback Maxi Dress
When I first saw the Scoopback Maxi in the September 2012 catalog, I knew that this dress would make its way into my closet. The dress comes in some beautiful colors, but I was drawn to the dark, rich brown color. The back is just gorgeous and it's stretchy, comfortable and flowy. This is one of my favorites from 2012. You can see my REVEW HERE.

Favorite #2  >  Sky Trails Maxi Dress
Oh the Sky Trails Maxi Dress and how you are so beautiful. This year I really was into maxi dresses and I know I will be this coming year as well. This was probably my favorite maxi dress purchase from Anthro in 2012. I love the bright turquoise color, flowiness and how versatile the dress is. You can see my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #3  >  Desert Turquoise Maxi Dress
As you can tell most of my favorite items were maxi dresses this year, including the Desert Turquoise Maxi Dress. I really fell in love with them this year and will be adding more and more to my wardrobe this upcoming year as well. This was one of my full priced purchases as I loved this dress from the moment I tried it on. The colors, length, flowiness and uniqueness all made this dress special. You can see my REVIEW HERE and my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #4  >  AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle
2011 brought colored denim into my wardrobe and so did 2012, but I also started incorporated more print denim including the AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle. My favorite brand of jeans are AG's as they are very comfortable and the length is perfect for my 5'3'' height. I've definitely created to a whole rainbow of denim in my wardrobe in 2012 as you can't go wrong with colored denim, but I hope to add more colors and more print in 2013. You can see my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #5  >  Pieced Column Dress
The Pieced Column Dress was also a great dress purchased this year. No matter how you were, this dress flattered every type of figure. Anthro finally put the dress on sale after which seemed like forever. I caved and also bought this dress at full priced since it hugged all the right areas and looks good with heels or boots and can before worn year round. You can see my REVIEW HERE and my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #6  >  Medusae Blouse
One of my favorite tops, Medusae Blouse, wasn't a very popular top in the Anthro community, but I wore this top all the time over the Summer with different colors denim and shorts. I love all of the different colors in the blouse and the unique detail of the pattern which makes it interesting. I bought this top online during on of Anthro's many sales and am very glad I did.

Favorite #7  >  Dappled Sea Blouse
The original colorway of the Dappled Sea Blouse debuted in January of 2012 on the cover of the January catalog. I instantly knew I wanted to recreate the whole outfit as all of the colors and pieces seemed to work together nicely. This colorway was popular and sold out quickly with other color ways also being released earlier this year. I love the colors, lightness, flowy material. I can't wait to wear this again in 2013! You can see my REVIEW HERE and my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #8  >  Draped Snail Tank
The Draped Snail Tank was an instant hit with it's cute snail pattern. I couldn't decide between the navy and pink colorways, but finally decided to buy the navy. I love the pattern, flowiness, lightness and open back. You can wear this top with so many different colors and patterns. One of my favorite of 2012! You can see my REVIEW HERE and my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #9  >  No. 45 Scarf
The No. 45 Scarf was added to my collection of many scarves that I purchased this year. I love the versatility of the colors and how you can wear it with so many different items. The length is great as well as you can tie it many different ways. I love the bright colors and pattern. You can see my OOTD HERE.

Favorite #10  >  Arched Careena Dress
The Arched Careena Dress or the Pastel Paisley Dress was one of my favorite purchases this year. It's a very country dress which I love and it goes great with cowboy boots or heels. You can also wear it with almost any color and it will look great. The fit was perfect and it was flowy and beautiful! You can see my REVIEW HERE.

Honorable Mentions
        Bike Lane Dress                Dropped Dots Dress                Melora Dress          Sincerely Paris Halter Dress

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