OOTD: Desert Turquoise Maxi Dress

12:23 PM

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Good afternoon everyone and hope you all had a great week and good Fourth of July! Sorry I've been MIA again this week! Work has been super busy and I just starting dating a new guy :) and it's just been so wonderful. He's like a ray of sunshine in my life that I needed after what I went through for 6 years. He snapped this photo of me before we went out to dinner the other night in Old Folsom. I bought this dress a couple weeks ago (REVIEW HERE) when I went and did reviews at Anthro. (You can see my Weekend Shopping Haul HERE and Reviews: Round 2 will be up Monday!). This dress is super comfortable and I'm so glad that someone returned this Petite version to my local Anthro. I love the colors and it's super flowy and gorgeous in person. I would highly recommend this dress! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Tracy Reese Desert Turquoise Maxi Dress  |  Style# 24760407  |  Blue Motif  |  SP  |  $248  |  BUY, sim. HERE
Kelly & Katie Aphrodite Sandal  |  Style# 8518547  |  Bronze  |  6.5  |  $39.95  |  BUY, sim. HERE
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25  |   Style# M41528   |  Monogram Canvas  |  $750  |  BUY, sim. HEREHERE

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