Anthropologie Catalog | April 2011

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Good afternoon everyone! HERE is Anthropologie's April 2011 catalog link. Spring is in the air while flipping through these colorful pages. I love the pin-up style of this catalog so much! What do you all think...see anything you like?

Oh and a PERK ALERT. Anthro has extended their free shipping through Sunday, April 3rd, 2011! Yah!

To view all catalogs back to 2004, CLICK HERE. 
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Two-Wheeler Shirtdress

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Hey everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Tuesday night.

I am visiting my Mom, younger sister and Grandma for a couple days this week and we decided to go out to dinner tonight. Let me first say, it was just gorgeous weather today! I spent most of my day outside on my laptop working on homework. I love when the weather is like was absolutely perfect! Anywho, we all decided to go to Village Pizza and Grill. Yummy! It was so delicious! I will be going back there again and again to try everything on the menu. I even splurged (I ran 3.5 miles today...hehe) and got one of my favorite desserts...Creme Brulee. I decided to wear the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress tonight, that I bought from Maggie back in January, since I'm in Davis and this is known as "bike town" so it just seemed perfect. I wanted to add some contrast with my cardigan so I went with a red cardigan and red flats that I just bought from DSW. They are called Seychelles Sophia Wedge Pump. They are super comfortable and adorable! For all of you that have tried Seychelles, they seem to sometimes run a tad big. I usually wear a 7 in shoes, but I always wear a 6.5 in Seychelles. Such a great night with everyone!

Porridge Two-Wheeler Shirtdress  |  Style# 023071  |  Navy  |  2  |  $85  |  Sold out online
BP Three Quarter Sleeve Jersey Cardigan  |  Style# 239263  |  Habanero  |  S  |  $24.90  |  BUY
Seychelles Sophia Wedge Pump  |  Style# 217241  |  Red  |  6.5  |  $59.95  |  BUY

Kay Jewelers Journey Necklace  |  Circa Fall 2008
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

The Anthro Exchange | Up For Grabs | Just Updated (12:30PM)

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that The Anthro Exchange: Up For Grabs has been updated with new inventory!

NEWS: I'm going to Anthro next week to do reviews for all you lovelies! :) CLICK HERE to request an item(s) or see what everyone else it eyeing.

PERK ALERT: Anthro is offering free shipping through March 31, 2011 on orders of $150+. No sale this morning either which is a bummer since free shipping ends this week.

GIVEAWAY: Natasha, over at Moody Girl in Style, is doing her first giveaway...a $25 Anthro Giftcard! CLICK HERE to enter. Giveaway ends March 31st, 2011.

Also check out The Anthro Exchange: Desperately Seeking (You might find a buyer here if you're a seller) and Just Spotted to see what is in the sales room.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Anthropologie Dressing Room Requests

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Hello all you Anthro lovers! I am making a trip to Anthro TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY of next week to do some reviews for you. If there is an item (or items) you want reviewed, please post a comment with the name of the item or style number. If there is a specific color you want reviewed, please let me know that as well. Looking forward to see what you ladies are eyeing!

Here are the requests so far...

Nouveau Rose Skirt
Style# 20731451
Requested by Kara

Walled City Blouse
Style# 20266540
Requested by Kara

Cissus Button-Up, Gingham
Style# 20304846
Requested by Kara

Bargello Tank
Style# 20247623
Requested by Cheryl

Sazerac Pencil Skirt
Style# 20627485
Requested by Cheryl

Radler Blouse
Style# 20400982
Requested by Jaime

Shirred Shirt
Style# 20502225
Requested by Jaime

Swirlscape Tank
Style# 20502696
Requested by Jaime

Spring-Ready Dress
Style# 20531281
Requested by Jaime

Loosened Lines Top
Style# 20538278
Requested by Lacie

Disposition Blouse
Style# 20807897
Requested by Lacie

Ardennes Skirt
Style# 20532404
Requested by amarantac

Crisp Chambray Blazer
Style# 20591079
Requested by amarantac

Dusky Dunes Skirt
Style# 20771325
Requested by amarantac

Eureka Cargo Skirt
Style# 20438149
Requested by Adrienne

Sky Wisped Skirt
Style# 20237970
Requested by Adrienne

Falling Freesia Skirt
Style# 20513966
Requested by Schmoopie

Monarch Skirt
Style# 20608055
Requested by Schmoopie

Make A Wish Skirt
Style# 20668398
Requested by Schmoopie

Basketweave Racerback
Style# A20295960
Requested by Ann

Brickwork Tee
Style# 21053384
Requested by Ann

Cherangani Henley
Style# 20418869
Requested by Ann

Silene Tee
Style# 19926864
Requested by Ann

Sangatte Slip Dress
Style# 20702676
Requested by Linda

Blooming Bulbs Dress
Style# 20673257
Requested by Linda

Embossed Basket Dress
Style# 20803672
Requested by Linda

Wrap Around Blouse
Style# 20283594
Requested by Linda

Swatch Book Top
Style# 20225975
Requested by Angela

Antilles Tank
Style# 20595245
Requested by Angela

Wisteria Halter Dress
Style# 20472411
Requested by Angela

Design Darlings Tee
Style# 20161568
Requested by Angela

Infinite Garden Tank
Style# 20295960
Requested by Angela

Gathered Hemlocks Dress
Style# 20898730
Requested by cjrivers

Efflorescence Tunic
Style# 20577979
Requested by Lisa

Epoch Blouse
Style# 20245858
Requested by Lisa

With A Twist Tank
Style# 20846010
Requested by Jessica

English Rose Kimono Blouse
Style# 20429361
Requested by Lisa

Seamingly Maxi
Style# 20095469
Requested by Lisa

Of-The-Ages Pullover
Style# 19865344
Requested by Jennie

Sumerian Belt
Style# 19569425
Requested by Jennie
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Snowscape Tank

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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Saturday night.

I am in the process of updating The Anthro Exchange so stay tuned! Lots of new goodies! :)

Tonight my boyfriend and I went to Grammie's house up in Placerville and had such a fabulous dinner. We had Cornish Game Hens with rice, green beans, salad and bread. Oh so yummy! Finish that off with coffee and a couple games of Gin Rummy. Such a great Saturday night! I decided to wear the Snowscape Tank I just received from Stephanie. It fits perfect! I heard this tank runs big but I think it runs TTS. I am always a size 0 or 2 in tops and this size 2 is perfect. A size 0 I think would have been too small for my bust. My outfit tonight was definitely inspired by Kim's, from Anthroholic, outfit HERE. I really would have loved to wear my Darjeeling Skirt as well, but there was snow where we were going. I wore the Snowscape Tank with a mint cardigan I bought awhile back from Target. I love them paired together and so glad Kim turned me onto mint. Thanks Kim! :) 

Corey Lynn Calter Snowscape Tank  |  Style# 910292  |  Ivory |  2  |  $90 |  Sold out online
Merona Artist V-Neck Cardigan Sweater |  Style# B00442 |  Mint Air  |  X-Small  |  $20 |  BUY, Also in stores
Pilcro Straight Slim Jean  |  Style# 18332767  |  Kitten |  25  |  $49.99  |  Sold out online
Seychelles Pot-Of-Gold Pumps  |  Style# B0043EG38W  |  Seafoam  |  6.5  |  $90  |  BUY HEREHERE or HERE
Carrara Earrings  |  Style# 19922517 |  Mint  |  $19.95  |  BUY
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Fabulous Friday Fits | Fragrant Swag Tank

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I'm in the process of updating The Anthro Exchange, so if there are any items you would like listed please email me. Have a great evening everyone! :)

(click to view Polyvore set)

Style# 20513487, Green Motif, $68
Tabitha Abbreviated Blazer
Style# 20252383, Taupe, $118
AG Stevie
Style# 19834878, Market, $168
Online Exclusive
Style# 20712253, Gold, $38
Style# 20644571, Gold, $58
Vela Bracelets
Online Exclusive
Style# 20731964, Copper, $28
Arbor Years Hoops
Style# 20645545, Gold, $28
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Invite Only | Anthropologie Spring Outfitting Event

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Yah! I just received this invitation this morning! I am super excited for this event. I know that Alex and the Roseville SA's will put on another great Fashion show and event! 

If you all remember, during the Fall, I was invited to Ever Green where there was a Fall/Winter Fashion show that you can watch HERE. There were good eats, drinks, oh and we got to shop! I will be taking video again and I hope to take photos of each of the outfits in the Fashion show and feature them here for all of you to view. 

Has anyone else received this? At the very bottom of the invite, it states "This Anthro member-exclusive invite extends to original email recipients only." I just wrote Anthro to ask if I can bring a guest. ::crosses fingers I can::
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Reader Request | Styling Sets | Thatch Palm Blazer

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Hey everyone! I was contacted by Violet to do some styling sets for the Thatch Palm Blazer in Green she just recently purchased. She fell in love with it when she first saw it on Kim from Anthroholic's March New Arrivals post. She wanted me to make some sets that were a bit different, as she stated that "of course white and black go with this jacket, but I want to wear other colors as well." On a side note, I am in the process of working on some styling sets for the Magellen Dress and Pom Flower Shift for Karen, so stay tuned!

If you want me to style something for you, you can email me at

Here are my Thatch Palm Blazer in Green sets. For these sets, I have picked items from Anthro.

Styling Set 1 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20288056, Green, $88
Style# 19885565, Yellow, $48
Style# 20298436, Yellow, $68
Style# 20892881, Assorted, $98
Style# 20412235, Green, $28
Style# 20997086, Yellow, $108

Styling Set 2 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20288056, Green, $88
Pilcro Printed Boy Tee
Style# 20858122, Blue Motif, $38
J. Brand Ankle Skinny
Style# 20586947, Santorini, $187
Seychelles Sloan Square Heels
Online Exclusive Style# 19421486, Cream, $98
Spinning Top Necklace
Style# 20731964, White, $48
Druzy Rounds
Style# 20816310, White, $32

Styling Set 3 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20400982, White, $88
Style# 19834878, Market, $168
Style# 19862788, Neutral, $98
Style# 20339289, Cream, $88
Online Exclusive
Style# 20404992, Pearl, $28

Styling Set 4 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20414686, Red, $78
Style# 19849587, Elizabeth, $152
Style# 19861806, Brown, $90
Style# 20412235, Green, $28
Style# 19929827, Green, $19.95
Sold out online, call 800-309-2500

Styling Set 5 (click to view Polyvore)
one.september Infinite Garden Tank
Style# 20295960, Neutral Motif, $58
Daughters of Liberation Go-Getter Pants
Style# 20218376, Khaki, $88
Miss Albright Floral Fandango Heels
Style# 19565597, Purple, $188
Vela Bracelets
Online ExclusiveStyle# 20731964, Purple, $28
Currencies Necklace
Style# 19659721, Purple, $29.95
Pave Posts
Style# 741809, Purple, $24
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin