Reader Request | Styling Sets | Thatch Palm Blazer

1:20 PM

Hey everyone! I was contacted by Violet to do some styling sets for the Thatch Palm Blazer in Green she just recently purchased. She fell in love with it when she first saw it on Kim from Anthroholic's March New Arrivals post. She wanted me to make some sets that were a bit different, as she stated that "of course white and black go with this jacket, but I want to wear other colors as well." On a side note, I am in the process of working on some styling sets for the Magellen Dress and Pom Flower Shift for Karen, so stay tuned!

If you want me to style something for you, you can email me at

Here are my Thatch Palm Blazer in Green sets. For these sets, I have picked items from Anthro.

Styling Set 1 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20288056, Green, $88
Style# 19885565, Yellow, $48
Style# 20298436, Yellow, $68
Style# 20892881, Assorted, $98
Style# 20412235, Green, $28
Style# 20997086, Yellow, $108

Styling Set 2 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20288056, Green, $88
Pilcro Printed Boy Tee
Style# 20858122, Blue Motif, $38
J. Brand Ankle Skinny
Style# 20586947, Santorini, $187
Seychelles Sloan Square Heels
Online Exclusive Style# 19421486, Cream, $98
Spinning Top Necklace
Style# 20731964, White, $48
Druzy Rounds
Style# 20816310, White, $32

Styling Set 3 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20400982, White, $88
Style# 19834878, Market, $168
Style# 19862788, Neutral, $98
Style# 20339289, Cream, $88
Online Exclusive
Style# 20404992, Pearl, $28

Styling Set 4 (click to view Polyvore)
Style# 20414686, Red, $78
Style# 19849587, Elizabeth, $152
Style# 19861806, Brown, $90
Style# 20412235, Green, $28
Style# 19929827, Green, $19.95
Sold out online, call 800-309-2500

Styling Set 5 (click to view Polyvore)
one.september Infinite Garden Tank
Style# 20295960, Neutral Motif, $58
Daughters of Liberation Go-Getter Pants
Style# 20218376, Khaki, $88
Miss Albright Floral Fandango Heels
Style# 19565597, Purple, $188
Vela Bracelets
Online ExclusiveStyle# 20731964, Purple, $28
Currencies Necklace
Style# 19659721, Purple, $29.95
Pave Posts
Style# 741809, Purple, $24

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