Fabulous Friday Fits | Cultivation Skirt

5:14 PM

Hey everyone! Blogger is finally up and running again...well kinda. The Anthro Exchange post that was posted on Tuesday is not available at the moment and the link goes to last weeks update. Blogger said this post will be restored soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just in case you missed it, you can win a personalized necklace and $25 Anthro gift card! Enter the giveaway HERE. Also, I'm going to Anthro next week to do reviews. CLICK HERE to request an item or just see what everyone is eyeing.

Have a great weekend!

(click to view Polyvore set)
Style# 20817839, Neutral Motif, $68
Style# 20833711, Purple, $58
Miss Albright Finest House Heels
Style# 19456656, Cream, $158
Vela Bracelets
Online Exclusive
Style# 20731964, Purple, $19.95
Galacia Tower Rings
Style# 20465258, Gold, $38
Style# 741809, Purple, $24
Style# 20772786, Gold, $28

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