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1:21 AM

Hey everyone! I've had a couple of readers ask what hair/make-up products I use, so here goes the hair portion...

For my hair, I always switch shampoo and conditioners every week. My hair seems to stay super soft and shiny this way. I've heard (not sure of this is true) that if you stay with the same shampoo and conditioner that your hair gets used to it. Also, I don't wash my hair everyday and I use very, very cold water on my hair right before I get out of the shower to add shine.

Here are the shampoo/conditioner products that are currently in my shower...

Redken Color Extend

Redken Clear Moisture
Redken All Soft

Matrix Sleek Look

Matrix Curl Life

Pureology Pure Volume

Pureology Hydrate

Pureology Nano Works

Here are the products I use before I blow dry...

Redken 10 Guts

Redken 01 Glass

Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day

Matrix Sleek Look Styling

Bed Head Control Freak

• I always use the narrow concentrator attachment on my blow dryer
• I always use a flat brush
• Direction 1: Redken Guts, applied to the top/roots of hair, used with RedKen Glass 01, dime to quarter size applied to the middle/ends of hair only
• Direction 2: Bed Head Superstar Queen of the Day or Control Freak applied to the roots, used with Matrix Sleek Look Styling Creme or Redken Glass 01
• I blow dry my hair in 2 sections after applying styling products. I secure the top layer/bangs of my hair in a ponytail holder/bun and blow dry the bottom/middle portions first, flipping my head and blow drying upside down as well. Then I take out the ponytail holder and use a pen (I know...weird) and grab my bangs and part my hair straight line across my head to separate my bangs. I then part the rest of my hair with the pen lined up with my right inner eyebrow.
I have other Redken products such as Redken Align 12 and Redken Thickening Lotion 6, but don't use them enough to add them to the list.

When I straighten my hair I use either...

Chi Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother

• I straighten my hair with a comb only and I always do three layers, starting with the underneath layer of hair. I grab all of hair like I'm putting it into a ponytail and let only about 1/3 of my hair down and secure the rest in a bun on top of my head. I then straighten the bottom layer. Then I let out another 1/3 of my hair, secure the top layer of hair, and straighten the middle section of hair. Then let the rest down a straighten the top of my head/bangs.
• I currently am using the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 1/4'' Straightening Iron

When I curl my hair I use...

Redken Hot Sets 22

• I'm using a 10 year old 2'' barrel Con-Air curling iron that still works great

To hold my hair in place after being styled I use either...

Kenra Volume Spray

Redken Forcefull 23

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