Fabulous Friday Fits | Eyes To The Sky Top

9:20 PM

Hey everyone! I went to Anthro today and did some reviews for you! I didn't get to try on as many things as I wanted since I had other things to do today, but I did try on about 30 items or so. I will have those up very soon!

I also am in the process of updating The Anthro Exchange, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend! :)

(click to view Polyvore set)

Style# 20791943, Red Motif, $88
J. Brand Ankle Skinny
Style# 20586947, Santorini, $187
Dolce Vita Make Fast Flats
Style# 19574433, Red, $108
Rock Candy Bracelet
Online Exclusive
Style# 20884128, Red, $19.95
Gleaming Slow Poke Necklace

Online Exclusive
Style# 20712253, Gold, $19.95
Style# 19310978, Gold, $28
Sold out online, call 800-309-2500

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