Babergh Dress Styling Contest Winners!

11:26 AM

Thanks again for everyone who entered my Barbergh Dress Styling Contest! I can't believe how lovely all of the sets are! It was really hard to choose just 1 winner! After going through everyone's sets over and over, I decided to pick the sets that really inspired me to eventually buy all of the pieces and really replicate the sets since I couldn't exactly replicate any of the sets for the Anthro Holiday Party last night.

and the winners are....Sleepless in NY and Carly! You each have won a $25 gift card and I have sent you both emails.

I really wish I could have everyone win since your sets are all beautiful!

Thanks again for everyone who entered. I will have another contest very soon! Next contest, I will have everyone make a set and then you can vote on the winner.

Here are all of the sets!

Sleepless in NY (Blog: For The Love of Fashion)



Debbie (Blog: Dark Horse)




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