Made in Kind: 11 Exclusive & Limited-Edition Collections

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Good morning everyone and Happy Thursday! Today is the day we have been waiting for! Anthro has released Made in Kind which includes 11 Exclusive and Limited-Edition Collections with designers ranging from Karen Walker to Amanda and Doug Butterworth. All lines are different and are just breathtakingly beautiful. I am loving the designs by Karen Walker, Koto Bolofo, and John Patrick. So much eye candy! See any items you will be purchasing from these limited-edition collections?

Collection 1 > Florence Balducci
Though techniqually an illustrator and designer by trade, we consider Florence Balducci to be a professional imanginer. Her illustrators are whismy defined (pictures of tuxedo-clad woodpeckers and cat fashionistas come to mind) and her collection of one-of-a-kind embelished jackets suggests a magpie's for all things charming, peculilar and chic.

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Madeline Army Jacket

Collection 2 > Gregory by Gregory Parkinson
British designer Gregory Parkinson has been evolving his namesake line from his adopted Southern California home since its launch in 1996. Fitting, then, that this trademark mix of beachy colors and hand-dyed patterns is the wearable equivilant of year-round sunshine.

Rose Madder Maxi Dress

Solvang Blouse

Solvang Blouse

Arashi Drenched Skirt

Arashi Drenched Skirt

Anona Blouse

Anona Blouse

Trimmed Ripples Shift

Trimmed Ripples Shift

Trimmed Ripples Shift

Idyllwild Cardigan

Cambria Jacket

Solvang Blouse

Collection 3 > Hello There by Karen Walker
Karen Walker has been designing clothes ever since she made her first circle skirt for her Barbie doll a the age of seven. She's come a long way since then, expanding her creations to a full line of clothing, accessories and decor, all based on an undying love of patterns and color mixed together every which way.

Basque Floral Dress

Tile Confetti Sailor Dress
Diamond Confetti Shirtdress

Acorn Dress

Floral Wing Dress

Persimmon Ruffle Dress

Collection 4 > Koto Bolofo
Having worked for Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair and with a slew of books under his belt, Koto Bolofo is justifiably revered as a photography and filmaker. Now he can add "inspiring clothing designer" to his resume. We were so enamored of his collection of one-of-a-kind garments crafted from vintage French line sheets that we pleaded for a few more. This limted-edition line is based off of those very designs, and it embodies the same reverance for material and craft and his spellbinding originals.

Devonshire Linen Dress

Josephine Dress

Jayne Linen Shell

Lova Skirt

Annike Sleeveless Dress

Buoy High-Waist Trousers

Ida Mini

Honfleur Blouse

Brooks Mini

High-Waist Bandes Shorts

Stourton Streaks Dress

Naudaine Dress

Spinnaker Dress

Collection 5 > O by Organic
Designer John Patrick began his exploration of organic materials in 2002, and four years later he launched a line comprised entirely of eco-friendly fabrics. Today, he continues to push the envelope with O By Organic, a line of effortless pieces that meld ethics and aesthetics more beautifully than ever.

Textured Hoop Dress

Faded Pleat Skirt

Faded Pleat Skirt

Tie-Neck Blouse

Tie-Neck Blouse

Starred Chiffon Tee

Eyelet Pinwheel Dress

Collection 6 > Place Nationale
Husband-and-wife team Amanda and Doug Butterworth got their start selling a curated collection of vintage clothes in London's Portobello Market; their new line builds upon the encyclopedic knowledge of throwback fabrics they acquired as a result. Each piece is an assembly of antique and vintage materials, and a single design can be a real history lesson: one camisole is comprised of antique embroidered French cotton, 70s cutwork tablecloth fabric and vintage English lace trim.

Fringed Crochet Slip Dress

Cinched Lace Slip Dress

Reassembled Crocheted Tunic

Vintage Placemat Blouse

Lace Circle Dress

Longfellow Shift

Lace Diamond Dress

Geometric Crocheted Poncho

Crocheted Napery Tunic

Pompom Lace Jacket

Crocheted Table Tunic

Tri-Tone Crocheted Tunic

Crocheted Batwing Blouse

Repurposed Crocheted Dress

Crocheted Napery Skirt

Crochet Petticoat Dress

Parisian Cafe Blouse

Crocheted Napery Skirt

Scalloped Crochet Blouse

Scalloped Crochet Camisole

Collection 7 > Pipit
Dustin Horowitz has creativity in his bones. With a degree in fashion design from FIT, a fine art degree from Parsons and over a decade of design experience to his name, he launched Pipit in 2007 on an undeniably solid foundation. Each piece from the line marries themes of industrial design and traditional American craft in a wearable, truly modern way.

Photofrond Tee Dress

Photopetal Tee Dress

Photogarden Tank Dress

Photosprig Tank Dress

Photogarden Flared Dress

Photosprig Flared Dress

Collection 8 > Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose began her career as a print designer, creating stunning motifs for other people's clothing lines. In the early days of 2011, however, she realized she could create entirely on her own terms and her eponymous line was born. Hand-painted silk is the line's hallmark, and understandably so: Rose exclusively studied silk painting at FIT, and her aqueous, dappled designs are the captivating result.

Teresa Silk Tank Dress

Senna Silk Tee

Allover Inkblot Silk Tee

Waverly Silk Day Dress

Lava Silk Tee

Azure Inkblot Silk Tee

Racer Day Dress

Collection 9 > Swarm
It's a lucky flea-market trinket that finds its way into the hands of Leslie Oschmann, an American artist and designer who now calls Amsterdam home. Never taking for granted what many pass by, she sees old canvas mailbags, discarded fabric scraps and oil paintings as the means to her artful ends, and transforms each into a work of functional, wearable art.

Kunstenaar Jacket, Gal

Kunstenaar Jacket, Maide

Kunstenaar Jacket, Lake Atitlan

Kunstenaar Jacket, Self Portrait

Kunstenaar Jacket, Crimson Portrait

Kunstenaar Jacket, Athena Blooms

Kunstenaar Jacket, Wasen Boat

Kunstenaar Jacket, Vlissingen Harbor

Kunstenaar Jacket, Wicklow Pond

Kunstenaar Jacket, Windmill Acres

Kunstenaar Jacket, Peony Bouquet

Kunstenaar Jacket, Slight Hesitation

Kunstenaar Jacket, Still Life

Kunstenaar Jacket, Lady Slippers

Collection 10 >Treasure by Samantha Pleet
Samantha Pleet has honed in on the effortless cool of New York's most enviably dressed. With a degree from Pratt's fashion program in hand, she launched her eponymous line in 2006 and has been turning out collections of covetable, feminine-yet-utterly-modern clothing ever since.

Paradox Dress

Geological Cutout Mini Dress

Alchemy Mini Dress

Mythography Mini Dress

Divination Asymmetric Dress

Deity Midi Dress

Collection 11 >Zoologist by Charlotte Linton
Dueling childhood dreams of becoming a fashion designer or an archaeologist have both come to fruition for Charlotte Linton, the England native whose namesake line is something of a marriage of both. Each collection is based upon the travels of a fictional muse named Ermantrude, a zoologist who fearlessly globe trots and wears her travels on her beautifully patterned sleeve. Linton's background in print design is on display in every piece, delivering a souvenir of Ermantrude's imagined travels to every wearer.

Laguna De Paca Dress

Picta Scarf

Mawson Trail Cardigan

Kelantan Skirt

Window Shades Scarf

Macquarie Dress

Falconry Dress

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