Anthropologie Sale!

1:00 AM

Hey everyone. It's markdown time!

Just a note, FREE shipping on orders of $150+ (no code needed, you just need to have an Anthro card).

Just a reminder, if you don't have an Anthro card, GET ONE! It's free and takes a couple seconds to sign up. You can do in-store returns and price adjustments without a receipt, you get birthday discounts and first looks at new items!

To sign up for an Anthro card, CLICK HERE.

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Also, if there is any item that is sold out in your size that you want, call CS at (800) 309-2500. Just give them the style number and your size and they will find it at any Anthro store in the US and ship it to you. It's really easy and they are always super helpful and nice!

Here is what is on sale as of 12:00AM (PST). As always, happy hunting!

All SALE markdowns HERE. (List updated at 6AM PST)


Macias Maxi Dress
Style# 20845640
Color: Orange
Price: $99.95

Chartreuse Shoots Dress
Style# 20750642
Color: Lime
Price: $89.95

Wave-Washed Dress
Style# 20849766
Color: Turquiose
Price: $99.95

Budding Dahlia Dress
Style# 20393328
Color: Peach
Price: $129.95

Style# S19847391
Color: Black & White, Plum, Multi
Price: $99.95


Skewed Pullover
Style# 20567947
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $49.95

Arrow Plume Cardi
Style# 20845061
Color: Ivory
Price: $49.95

Orchard Grove Pullover
Style# 20568432
Color: Grey
Price: $49.95


Loosened Shelby Blouse

Style# 20964912
Color: Yellow, Blue Motif, Green Motif
Price: $39.95

Crimp & Crisscross Buttondown

Style# 20846176
Color: Red, Navy
Price: $29.95

From The Center Caftan
Style# 20594313
Color: Red Motif
Price: $49.95

Eyeleted Corset Top
Style# 20589305
Color: Brown Motif
Price: $49.95

Cinched Sloop Tank
Style# 20888525
Color: White, Pink
Price: $39.95

Back Porch Blouse
Style# 20173886
Color: Cream
Price: $49.95


Aurelian Tee
Style# 20915724
Color: Beige
Price: $39.95

Fiery Crossback Tank
Style# 20576484
Color: Red
Price: $29.95

Beach Calligraphy Tee

Style# 22522023
Color: White
Price: $29.95

Marshy Musings Tee
Style# 22521983
Color: Lilac
Price: $29.95


Gamboling Maxi Skirt
Style# 20620100
Color: Neutral Motif
Price: $99.95

Rosaline Lace Maxi
Style# 20719696
Color: Ivory
Price: $89.95


Odonata Culottes
Style# 20368049
Color: Mint
Price: $39.95

Bowtied Batik Shorts
Style# 20629028
Color: Gold
Price: $39.95

In The Square Shorts

Style# 20628236
Color: Green
Price: $39.95

Cuffed Sateen Bermudas
Style# 20491080
Color: Navy, Black, Taupe
Price: $39.95

Kicking Around Bermudas
Style# 20451852
Color: Yellow
Price: $39.95

Coin Pocket Bermudas
Style# 20492062
Color: Cream, Pink
Price: $39.95

Lobster Roll Shorts
Style# 20368213
Color: Tinted Denim
Price: $49.95

J Brand Gwen Shorts
Style# 20386892
Color: Airwash
Price: $69.95

Joe's Denim Shorts
Style# 20566923
Color: Alison, Sammy
Price: $49.95


Stitched Bellis Tote
Style# 20483996
Color: Neutral
Price: $149.95
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