OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Perilla Dress

3:02 PM

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your day. 

I made a special trip to Anthro today and did some reviews for you all! They have some really cute items out right now and I didn't leave empty handed. I will have Reviews: Round 1 up very, very soon! 

All of the staff at the Roseville Anthro is amazing, let me tell you. The have the best CS and SA's ever! Oh and while browsing the store today I was stopped by a follower of my blog and was so happy to actually meet a fan in person! :) I love how you all support me and love what I do. It was actually hot today (FINALLY) so I wore the Perilla Dress that I purchased from Lauren back in May. It is somewhat lightweight and very comfortable.

Other news, I also am updating The Anthro Exchange so if you have an item you want listed or that has sold, please email me.

Little Yellow Button Perilla Dress  |  Style# 18124172  |  Beige  |  XS  |  $50  |  Sold out online
Merona Myka Suede Wedge  |  Style# 12269056  |  Taupe  |  7  |  $29.99  |  Sold out online, still in Target stores
Kay Jewelers Journey Necklace  |  Circa Fall 2008

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