{Anthropologie Spotted}

12:13 PM

Week in Review: Did you see Get The Look You Thought You Missed, the new 2nd/3rd Cuts Sale and My Lust List: September?

Good afternoon everyone and hope you all had a fabulous week! It's Friday (yay!) and Anthropologie Spotted is back! Some lovely Anthro sightings this week. Thanks to my readers for sending me their sightings! (If I didn't include your sighting, it was already included in a previous post). I love seeing how Anthropologie items are styled for TV and celebrities! Did you spot an Anthropologie item while watching one of your favorite TV shows or on a celebrity on TV, in person or in a magazine? If so, email me or submit this form to be included next week!

Jacquard Circle-Skirt Dress
Spotted on Sasha Obama (Democratic National Convention) by Elana

Spotted on Bunheads (Season 1, Episode 7: What's Your Damage Heather?) by Lisa

Spotted on Bunheads (Season 1, Episode 8: Blank Up, It's Time) by Lisa

Donkey Silk Shift
Spotted on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 12: The Lady Killer) by Jolieen

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