Anthropologie Dressing Room Requests

8:23 AM

Note: Did you enter my 3 Blogiversary Giveaway and see the Freshly Cut sale items?

Hey everyone and Happy Wednesday! I am making a trip next Saturday to our favorite store, Anthropologie, to do some reviews for you. If there is an item(s) you want reviewed, please post a comment with the name of the item or style number. If there is a specific color you want reviewed, please let me know that as well. Looking forward to see what you ladies are eyeing for the upcoming Fall season! Also, make sure you enter my 3 Year Blogiversary Anthro Giveaway HERE!

Here are the requests so far...
Bike Lane Dress
Tiered & Ruffled Sweater
Style# 28555761
Lace Medallions Tank
Sketchbook Shirt Dress
Style# 28477651
Lace Medallions Tank

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