What I Love Today | Occasion Dresses

1:30 PM

Note: Did you see all the new Sale items? Over 70 pairs of shoes went on sale!

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you all are having a great week. With the Holidays right around the corner, I wanted to put together my Top 8 Anthropologie Occasion Dresses. Every year, even though my closet is full of pretties, I buy a new dress to wear to a party I am attending. Below are my top choices. What is your favorite dress out of these choices?

Dress 1
Boston Ivy Dress ($198)

Dress 2
Paillette Flutter Mini Dress ($278)

Dress 3
Flocked Sable Dress ($168)

Dress 4
Sapphire Lace Dress ($178)

Dress 5
Sequined Jacquard Dress ($228)

Dress 6
Goldleaf Cocktail Dress ($258)

Dress 7
Carmindy Dress ($258)

Dress 8
Sunday Dress ($228)

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