Anthro Events | Roseville Fall Fashion Show (Part 1)

11:59 AM

Note: Did you see My Lust List: October 2012?

Outfit Details: Model on left is wearing Rooted Pullover ($78) with Moody Bouquet Wide-Legs ($98), Saturated Floppy Hat ($78) and Chunky Garnet Necklace ($58). Model in middle is wearing In Parallel Pullover ($68) with Pilcro Serif Paisley Cords ($98), Chunky Garnet Necklace ($58) and Unknown Booties. Model on right is wearing Netted Meridian Top ($88) with Buckled Felt Skirt ($98), Toggled Basel Sweatercoat ($198), Lynx Splash Rain Hat ($38), Jacquard Ankle Socks ($24) and Unknown Booties.
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Good afternoon everyone! I recently attended my local Anthro's Fall Fashion Show in Roseville. There were so many lovely looks for Fall that I'm excited to finally share with you. All of these outfits were put together by the awesome Roseville team. Thanks to Juliana for letting me use her beautiful photography! Just a note, this post will be split into 2 posts as there are lots of outfits to admire. Which look is your favorite? (If you know any of the Unknown Items, please comment and let me know).

Outfit 1
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 2
Outfit Details: Goldspun Paisley Dress ($129.95) with Flared Shawl Cardigan ($88), Belt from Honeycomb Lace Dress, Unknown Booties ($???), Opaque Tights ($15), Tara Swing Earrings ($38) and Day-Fly Beaded Pouch ($68)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 3
Outfit Details: In Parallel Pullover ($68) with Pilcro Serif Paisley Cords ($98), Chunky Garnet Necklace ($58) and Unknown Booties ($???)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 4
Outfit Details: Paca Halter Dress ($148) with Sunday Draped Sweater ($88), Reflected Buckle Belt ($58), Anshan BootiesOpaque Tights ($15), and Gold Rung Earrings ($34)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 5
Outfit Details: Ruffled Peplum Top ($68) with Fairisle Blazer ($128), Unknown Pants ($???), Hansa Mary-Janes ($168) and Cumbrian Fells Rancher ($68)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 6
Outfit Details: Confetti Shrunken Buttondown ($78) with Tweed Dots Pullover ($118), Sweater-Back Army Jacket ($178), AG Stevie Cord ($168), Argyle Lace BootiesGlitzen Arrowhead Drops ($48), and Unknown Clutch ($???)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 7
Outfit Details: Honeycomb Lace Dress ($288) with Luggage-Lock Belt ($38), Buckled Mid-Boots ($99.95)Opaque Tights ($15), Lightweight Watercolor Loop ($48), Unknown Clutch ($???) and Deco Dimension Clip ($18)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 8
Outfit Details: Netted Meridian Top ($88) with Buckled Felt Skirt ($98), Toggled Basel Sweatercoat ($198), Lynx Splash Rain Hat ($38), Jacquard Ankle Socks ($24) and Unknown Booties.
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 9
Outfit Details: Striated Lace Dress ($228) with Unknown Wrap ($???), Unknown Booties ($???), Sheer Swiss Dot Tights ($18) and Stone-Dotted Wristlet ($48)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 10
Outfit Details: Tiered Pointelle Sweater Dress ($148) with Neo-Fairisle Cardigan ($49.95), Unknown Boots ($???), Opaque Tights ($15) Unknown Scarf ($???) and Shimmer Edge Skinny Belt ($38)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

Outfit 11
Outfit Details: Peter Pan Pretender Sweater ($98) with Dotty Knit Blazer ($98), Charina Wingtip Heels ($128), Level 99 Lilly Skinny ($98), and Shimmer Edge Skinny Belt ($38) and Stellar Studs ($198)
Photography ©2012 by Juliana Ljubisavljevic

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