Fabulous Friday Fits | Ikat Frequencies Shirtdress

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Note: Did you see What I Love Today: PastelsOutfit Inspiration: What the Dress Forms are Wearing and Outfits: Waist Down Wows?

Reminder: Remember to submit your Reader Outfit! Details can be found HERE.

Good evening everyone and Happy Friday! Sorry for being MIA this week! I started a new job last week and have been trying to adjust to the whole 9 to 5 thing. Posts will run as normal again next week including Reviews, Catalog Outfits (April 2012), Get The Look You Thought You Missed and Anthropologie Spotted. While browsing all of the April arrivals this week, I spotted the Ikat Frequencies Shirtdress. I am loving the Ikat print right now and just recently purchased the Printed Sheath Dress from Gap (photo here) that is also an adorable Ikat print. I know that this dress will make its way into my closet for the Spring/Summer months, so I decided to style it with one of my favorite colors to wear with blue...yellow. I added a buttercup colored bag and necklace and finished off the look with a gold belt, flats and earrings to add a little shimmer. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

(click Photo to view Polyvore set)
Style# 24603151, Blue Motif, $98
High-Shine Flats
Style# 23844301, Gold, $198
Style# 24077786, Yellow,  $128
Style# 24513269, Gold, $38
Dipped Sessile Necklace
Style# 24656043, Yellow, $48
Shimmer Dust Belt
Style# 24359937, Gold, $48
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What I ♥ Today | Pastels

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Note: Did you see Outfit Inspiration: What the Dress Forms are Wearing and Outfits: Waist Down Wows?

Good evening everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far. As Spring just arrived, I wanted to put together some of my favorite pastel items for this season. See any pastel items you like?

Sheer Brilliance Top
1. Ruched Stripes Tank ($78)  ///  2. Textured Eyelet Skirt ($22.80)
3. Puckered Ruffle Scarf ($38)  ///  4. Pink About It Satchel ($94.99)
5. Mesh Yoke Top ($17.80) ///  6Drew Slim Leg Pant ($74.90)

Sheer Brilliance Top
3. Willemstad Necklace ($58)  ///  4Trifecta Cardigan ($88)
5. Best Lace Forward Top ($59.50)  ///  6. Peaches and Ice Cream Top ($68)

Sheer Brilliance Top
3. Summer Sounds Wide-Legs ($88)  /// 4. Coy Rain Wedges ($128)
5. Season Staple Shorts ($58)  ///  6. Muted Shade Buttondown ($88)

Ruched Stripes TankTextured Eyelet SkirtPink About It SatchelPuckered Ruffle ScarfMesh Yoke TopDrew Slim Leg Pant

Ridged Cream CropsSleeveless Polka Dot Button UpWillemstad NecklaceTrifecta CardiganBest Lace Forward TopPeaches and Ice Cream Top
Smocked Maxi ChemiseMirage Stripe Rolled Cuff TeeSummer Sounds Wide-LegsCoy Rain WedgesSeason Staple ShortsMuted Shade Buttondown
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Outfit Inspiration | What The Dress Forms Are Wearing

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Note: Did you see Outfits: Waist Down Wows?

Good evening everyone! No sale this morning, but there is Free Shipping until Thursday for orders of $100 or more! Have you been looking for some outfit inspiration? Look no further. Since I've had many requests to take photos of the outfits on the dress forms at Anthropologie, I snapped some photos at my local Anthro this past Sunday. Any looks catch your eye? What's your favorite look?

        Outfits 1 & 2                                                                                 Outfit 3
Outfit 1 (left): Unknown Dress with Citizens of Humanity Charlie Super Flare ($228), Split Surface Belt ($58) and Le Printemps Scarf ($128)
Outfit 2 (right): Winnowed Lines Tank ($58) with Washed Denim Buttondown ($88) and Citizens of Pilcro Stet Denim Roll-Ups ($68)
Outfit 3: Konza Dress ($168) with Corsetta Belt ($48)

Outfit 4                                                                                       Outfits 5 & 6
Outfit 4: Paisley Moment Tank ($118) with Pilcro Stet Slim Straight ($98) and Winking Spheres Necklace ($38)

Outfit 5 (left): Adjacent Angles Blouse ($88) with Pilcro Rolled Stet Slim ($118), and Crepuscular Rays Scarf ($198)
Outfit 6 (right): Smocked Maxi Chemise ($88) with Brizo Poncho ($88), Nacre Stretch Belt ($58) and Tarn Necklace ($58)

Outfit 7                                                                                       Outfits 8 & 9
Outfit 7: Tile Burst Maxi ($158) with Cutout Gridline Cardigan ($128)

Outfit 8 (left): Karina Pullover ($88) with AG Neon Stevie Ankle ($158), and Scanned Rag Rug Scarf ($78)
Outfit 9 (right): Asymmetric Throwback Tee ($38) with Brimming Borders Mini ($198), Slid Skinny Belt ($38) and Loose Change Necklace ($48)

Outfit 10                                                                                            Outfit 11
Outfit 10: Tree Falling Chemise ($68) with Sum Total Robe ($88)

Outfit 11: Klara Asymmetric Buttondown ($98) with Esker Maxi Skirt ($118) and Wild Horses Scarf ($168)

Outfit 12                                                                                            Outfit 13
Outfit 12: Cabana Chemise ($68) with Midshipman Sea Jacket ($128), Belle Bow Belt ($38) and The Collector's Charm ($15)

Outfit 13: Intrinsic Cami ($19.95) with Extending Midi Cardigan ($178), and Eiderdown Loungers ($98)

Outfit 14
Outfit 14: Unknown Top with Pilcro Rolled Stet Slim ($118),  
Several Stitches Cardigan ($128) and Pulled Tide Wedges ($198)
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

OOTD (Outfit of the Day) | Draped Snail Tank

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Note: Did you see Outfits: Waist Down Wows?

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Monday! Yesterday my bestie Jessica and I had a girls day and headed to The Limited for their 40% off sale. Since I just got a new job, I wanted to get some new clothes for my meetings at work when clients come in. I definitely got some awesome items to mix and match! I ended up getting the Open Stitch Shimmer Sweater in Light Pink, Ruffle Front Satin TankPolka Dot HalterTaped Cuff Shirt in Black, Drew Slim Leg Pant in Pink, Drew Stretch Sateen Ankle Pant in White, Black and Turquoise, Dotted Tank DressHigh Waist Inverted Pleat Skirt, Forenza 678 Skinny Jeans in Pink, 917 Skinny Jean and the Embellished Elastic Belt. I couldn't believe how much I saved! I also stopped by Gap and picked up the Dotted Maxi Dress. Such a fabulous day shopping and hanging out with my bestie! Make sure you stay tuned tonight for the sales posting (if there is a sale).

Postmark Draped Snail Tank  |  Style# 24190993  |  Blue Motif  |  0  |  $69.95  |  BUY
Merona Artist's Light Cardigan  |  Style# 12971942  |  Polar Bear  |  XS  |  $19.99  |  Sim. HEREHERE
AG Stevie  |  Style# 18670258  |  Howl  |  25  |  $168  |  Sim. HEREHEREHEREHERE
American Eagle Wedge Boot  |  Style# 04112527  |  Chestnut  |  7  |  $79.50  |  REVIEW  |  Sim. HERE, HERE
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25  |   Style# M41528   |  Monogram Canvas  |  $750  |  BUY, sim. HEREHERE
Kay Jewelers Journey Necklace  |  Circa Fall 2008, similar HERE
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin

Outfits | Waist Down Wows

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Good morning everyone! Anthro brings us another set of outfits this morning featuring different ways to wear statement pants and shorts.  Any looks catch your eye? Also, Free Shipping is back for orders of $100 or more until March 29th! Yah!

Look #1> Stitched & Striped Pants

Stitched & Striped Pants

Washed Denim Buttondown
Paprika-Spiked Slingbacks

Crystal Fori Bracelet

Split-Shade Purse

Look #2 > AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie

AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie

Braxton Top

Ruched Stripes Tank

Amelia Flats

Gusto Fedora

Look #3 > AG Neon Stevie Ankle

AG Neon Stevie Ankle

Hanga Tank

Ladder Stitch Cardigan

Ulli Sandals

Green Fori Bracelet

Look #4 > Citizens Of Humanity Dylan Boyfriend

Citizens Of Humanity Dylan Boyfriend

Hanalei Buttondown, Strawberries

Azure Aperture Sandals

Moon Shower Bib Necklace

Edged Bow Belt

Look #5 > Season Staple Shorts
Season Staple Shorts
Webbed Panes Blouse

Maaria Heels

Five Tears Neckalce

Stud-Scalloped Skinny Belt
Posted by : Elizabeth Tanin